What food is served in the Netherlands

Pofferches - pancakes on the basis of buckwheat flour. The dish is considered to be a street, as sold on every street corner. (Dennis Burger)

Gouda - hard cheese a pale yellow color with the presence of small holes. Separate the young, middle and mature Gouda, depending on exposure. With age, the pudding becomes pungent taste. The product comes from the city of Gouda. (Artizone)

Edam - Cheese, hard pale yellow. It does not have a pronounced taste and smell. The ball-shaped cheeses covered in yellow or red paraffin is more luxury - black wax. Divide the young and aged Edam. (Yvwv)

Leiden cheese - cheese, hard, dark yellow color. The product is made from skimmed cow's milk with the addition of a variety of spices as cumin, cloves. (Alexander van Loon)

"Green" salted herring. Her eating entirely, holding the tail. (Takeaway)

To prepare dishes using a special pan with small identical grooves. (Tijs Zwinkels)

Bitter balls or Bitterballen - balls of beef or fish, deep-fried. Usually an appetizer served with mustard. (Takeaway)

French fries with sauce, or Patatje met. (NiederlandeNet)

Shtamppot - potato and vegetable puree. Served with braised meat or frikandelami. (Øystein Alsaker)

CdTe. (Takeaway)

Croquettes. (Takeaway)

Royal Oyster. (Takeaway)

Fruit pies. (Pure Pink Sugar)

Stroopwafel - two thin wafers, baked with caramel syrup in the middle. The delicacy comes from the city of Gouda. (Takeaway)

Cake for breakfast or Ontbijtkoek. (Takeaway)

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