Ground highways Zabaikalye

Although, in fairness, it should be said, now very active in Buryatia is road construction and sometimes pylish-grader at pylish and then ... bam! And in the midst of the taiga spreading fresh asphalt cloth, fumbling road equipment, and ears may last at least a few tens of minutes to enjoy the quiet during the ride ...
And then keep your eye, and the eye at the ready - crumbling wooden bridges in the middle of the road asfalnoy, cow, standing right on the highway in the night, or abandoned trailer timber directly on the lanes. All this is normal for the Trans-Baikal highways ...

As I said above, the roads with asphalt pavement in Baikal is not a lot. Even on the road Ulan-Ude, Ust-Barguzin Kurumkan good fabric finishes for Goryachinsk almost immediately, and on the stretch after Maksimikha and meets all the asphalt on a "there, there", alternating with ordinary soil.

A large part of the roads in these places - grader.
Hard packed and hard-packed dirt road.
Why did I call these roads unpaved highways? The fact is that many of them are quite extensive, and the surface, despite the absence of asphalt, quite flat and lets go with a decent speed.

When the dust ... She just did a scourge ...

And often the grader more comfortable for the motorist than asphalt "is here and there┬╗.
That's how it usually looks.
Work actively driving ...

How do you rate limit on that stretch of road? This and the previous pictures are made with the same terms, ie behind me the picture that you see in the previous photo.
That is on asphalt, "there, there" could safely drive 100-110? Just after the motorway ...

And around the corner waiting for us the most "bang!┬╗.
Elegant black ribbon perfect asphalt. Fresh, piping hot ...

Immediately go to work on improvement of the road. Moreover, the technique works not steaming, right on the highway, without any warning signs, etc.

And here is a sign.
That's just not clear where the detour)

But Lafayette ends quickly ... then again ground and nedoasfalt

End of asphalt happiness

Again, the usual dusty grader. Somewhere wide, ...

... And somewhere such that the machine can not to miss the bus

But the road is to go into the forest, it is strikingly changed.
Apparently, the ground on which the larch and cedars grow less dense and rocky, so instead of a grader is usually a primer.
Moreover, loose and soft.

If the August dry weather here are puddles can imagine what is to ride in the spring or autumn

And yet there is a place where the road ends.
If you drive from Ulan-Ude through Ust-Barguzin towards Kurumkan, then you just drive away to the town of Taza.
And then all the roads anymore. Rather there - this is the legendary 110th winter road that goes to the BAM.
But not in the winter, he maloprohodim ...

Sometimes it also happens here, the road suddenly ends at the shore of Lake Baikal. And then the next village can be reached by car only in a way that's

At the end of the story too much to say about bridges.
They simply enchanting and in some way are smart.
You go, you go on the paved road, then again ...

... And a wooden bridge !!!

Complete concrete bridge at these locations, we met only one general, a whole new overpass in Ust-Barguzin.
And in most of the bridges here are

Bridge on forest road near the village of Gusiha

And here is completely enchanting way in many localities.
What coverage there he has never had - not so bad.
Cows !!!
They are very real full owners of all in the district.
I do not care, they want a high belfry on cars and passers-by. Go yourself and go where they want ...

Moreover, it can happen even in the middle of the forest grader, a few kilometers from the nearest village.
You go, neither of which do not suspect the danger, and suddenly in the headlights you see a cow or a herd, standing straight on the road ...
Once we barely had time to slow down ...

But still, a lot of roads in these areas are very, very good.
The section from Ulan-Ude to Goryachinsk and did just after the European level with an excellent track surface and markings.
And without pits ...
So there are roads in the Trans-Baikal region ...



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