The Moscow Metro in the future

The photo of 10 projects from the most fashionable designers. Two of them will be put into practice at the stations and Solncevo Novoperedelkino, which will open in 2016. Who does not know, building complex of Moscow for the first time in recent history has announced an architectural competition to design the above two stations. From around the world received more than 600 projects. Today, the jury selected 10 best sketches: five for each station.

The Moscow Metro is not only convenient and fast. The Moscow metro is the recognized world experts as one of the most beautiful in the world. Several dozen of the Moscow metro stations are architectural monuments and protected by the state. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the design of interior design plants under construction, said the building complex, the deputy mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin.
All projects are incredibly steep. There are mega-conceptual, stylish, creative, there are more practical and traditional. Win, I think that somewhere - a happy medium between modernity and tradition. Let's evaluate all projects.

Let's start with Novoperedelkino.

Palast Architekts (Latvia, Riga)


1. The basic idea of ​​the project - to create the quietest metro station in the world.

4.Tsvet creme brulee)

5.Panel that will cover the walls and ceiling of the station, it is proposed to make of the sound-insulating and sound-absorbing materials that do not allow the sound waves bounce off the walls and create echoes.

6.Po I think we can safely put into practice!

Nefaresearch (Russia, Moscow)


8.Zdes emphasis on positive lighting design.

9.Yarky luminescent light, causing passengers to feel depressed, it is proposed to replace the complex colors of green, orange and purple hues, transmitting positive emotions.

10. As if on Red October has arrived)

Yevgeny Leonov (Latvia)

11.Tut basic idea - to combine age-old Moscow architectural motifs and modern methods of interior decoration.

12.spolzovany decoration motifs of ancient Moscow's tower and houses - the murals in the form of herbal ornaments.

13.Kazhdy box illuminated RGB-LED-LED emitters that will change the color of the light station during city holidays. By the way, the very idea of ​​life. This arhimodern - connection of tradition and modernity.


Gerber Architekten (Germany, Dortmund)

15.Zdes home interior feature - an undulating ceiling.

16.Ochen stylish and modern.

17. In the spirit of hipster Moscow.


FAS (t) (Russia, Moscow)

19.des artists decided to embody the idea of ​​the forest under the ground. Station as it is under the highway, with two "green" strip along the road gently fall down, exposing the volume structure. Exterior walls platform area are stained glass windows, which can be seen the forest under the ground.


21.Ideya interesting, but too, I would say, creative. Not for everyday life. But it looks exciting.

22.Na cave looks like. I would like to go soon.

And now, five projects metro station "Solncevo».

Nefaresearch (Russia, Moscow)

23.Tut main idea - the creation of the solar sensation on the platform and in the above-ground pavilions. The image of the sun's rays, "solar spray", to create a composition of luminous holes in the walls and ceiling.

24.Minimalizm taxis.

25.Hotya for me, because of the gray looks chilly, despite the sunbeams on the walls.


Anton Barklyansky (Moscow, Russia)

27. In this project, the architects wanted to create a "weightless" space, which dominates its not closed.

28.Vestibyul filled columns, transformed into a room with white awnings, umbrellas and curved backlit.

29.Napomnilo somehow some station.


Rosproekt M (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

31.ut through the transition zone, and lobbies platform cross-cutting theme are the uprights. On the platform they function as fencing elements: racks are architectural analogue technology and screen doors are located in areas free of opening doors of the train.

32.Bylo would be interesting to see such a station in life.


34.Horosho thoughtful lighting.

Rhizome Group (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

35.Zdes authors propose to close all vertical surfaces with ceramic tiles.

36.Elementy furniture variability in different proportions providing the opportunity to sit or lean.

37.Derzkaya chuvikhi.

38.Stilnenko. The new face of Solntsevo.

Wall (Russia, Moscow)

39.V this project provides a platform with a closed perimeter, its walls apart in places train stop.

40.Menya here attracts color scheme.


42.A picture here reminds me of the Crimean embankment.

43.Prizovoy fund the 1st stage of the competition is almost 4 million. It will be equally divided among 10 finalists. In mid-November, the jury will announce the winners.

I finished.


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