"Smart" motorcycle helmet has collected $ 800K in the first day of Crowdfunding

The incredible success of the collection of pre-orders through Indiegogo on motorcycle helmet Skully AR-1 < / a> shows that people loved this gadget. Indeed, a very cool thing, I would put it even on a bike. Come on, I would go there on foot.

The helmet is equipped with a transparent display nagolovnym Conveniently located in front of the eye, wide-angle rear-view camera and a GPS-navigator. He shows the way along the route, and all that is going on behind his back. This thing could save many lives.

Aerodynamic helmet connects to the internet via a mobile phone with Bluetooth, receive software updates automatically. It is also equipped with safe visor, which is not the fog and mist over to protect from the sun's glare.

Of the additional options that are unlikely to increase safety on the road - built-in speakers, audio player and support calls with the call reception and dial hands-free. Battery lasts 9 hours normal use.

The developers promise more and release an SDK for the creation of third-party applications.

During the first day (!) Receiving pre-orders collected more than $ 800 thousand. This helmet can put the record on charges Indiegogo.

Normal version Skully AR-1 is available for $ 1,399, with international shipping in May 2015 - $ 1,599. Sizes from S to XXL, color helmet matte black or white.

Some riders already tested prototype Skully AR-1 and were terribly happy.

Source: habrahabr.ru/post/233067/


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