The last two weeks Elmo

James found out about the diagnosis Elmo two weeks ago

The vet said that Elmo cancer, liver disease, bladder and kidney failure

Rather than sit at home and be sad, James decided to make every day life Elmo special

"The vet gave him a couple of months," said James. "So I decided not to sit at home and cry, and spend with him the last days of his life, visiting with him my favorite place in New York»

Elmo in Times Square

Since the legs are no longer obey Elmo, James took him everywhere in the pram

Artist Greg Siff even immortalized in his portrait of the graffiti on the wall

Watching the sunset on Manhattanhenge

Even visited the Museum of Contemporary Art

Elmo and Elmo

Elmo even tried to flirt with women

Even take a picture with a pair of transvestites

"I never wanted him to feel lonely in the apartment, he always liked to spend a lot of time outdoors," said James. "He always went with me to restaurants, grocery stores and parks»

The only way

James even wants to write a book to teach people how to properly say goodbye to their pets

Super Dad

James and still very puppy Elmo



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