Ship giant

In South Korea, launched the world's largest floating gas plant called «FLNG Prelude». Floating factory has half a kilometer length from bow to stern. If not messy towering complex installations above the deck at 93 meters, then on the largest ship in the world could play football at four fields.

Floating Plant «FLNG Prelude» built on a South Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries. The largest ship in the world is owned by Shell and has a length of 488 m, which exceeds the height of the Empire State Building (443 m). But it's not all records giant - complex has a capacity of 430 thousand liters, equivalent to 175 Olympic swimming pool. The total mass of the largest ship in the world with a full load will exceed 600 thousand tons.

This floating gas processing complex for mining on the ocean floor of natural gas and its processing into liquefied natural gas, followed by pumping of oil tankers, gas carriers. Moored 125 miles from the coast, floating factory «FLNG Prelude» will be able to overload the liquefied natural gas, reducing its volume by a factor of 600 due to the new system.

Giant power plant will be enough to annually produce 3, 9 million tons of liquefied natural gas, along with 5, 3 million tons of other derivatives of substances that will be directed to other terrestrial plants.

Operate the largest ship in the world will be mainly in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia. This region is known for powerful cyclone and was named "Cyclone Alley", but the floating gas plant "Prelude" is designed to be fully operational in all weather conditions, at any time of the year. This was possible due to the very high mooring system, which consists of a 93-meter tower under which disperse in water four sets of wires. This system enables the huge ship to turn into the wind, skirting the wave energy. Also during bad weather will help the three engine rated at 6,700 hp each.

Completion of the giant plant «FLNG Prelude» is scheduled for completion in 2017. The service life of the vessel will be at least 25 years, producing a volume of gas sufficient to ensure the size of Hong Kong city. After commissioning, the project will fundamentally change the rules of the game in the oil and gas industry, which is the development of remote gas fields in the sea, and the Shell Company will strengthen its advantages in handling LNG.

Early designs of floating plant lobbied by Shell since the 1990s, but were postponed due to the economic downturn and technical difficulties. And only in 2000 the idea was the right to life.
According to expert estimates, as Shell has failed to assess the actual investment, the construction of the largest ship in the world may be 10, 8 to 12, $ 6 billion.
The economic success of the courts of such a project is guaranteed, as it excludes the purchase of land and the environmental load, and also eliminates the need to build expensive pipelines and specialized berths. This is also evidenced by the statement Shipbuilders Corporation Samsung Heavy Industries to create its own model ship of this size and the same purpose.




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