Increases honesty, treats pechen.Snimaet tension in the joints, and normalizes the digestive tract (soothing).
All products are in good quality increase goodness of character, and give the man the power of optimism (positivism thinking). Items in goodness with a passion give a person the power to act, which is also very important.
Black currant
Calmness and kindness. Affect the right storonu.Lechit lungs, liver. Good for the cerebral circulation. Has anti-inflammatory effects in a female.
The main quality - calm. Dimensions - Saturn.Uluchshaet affects cerebral blood flow, and generally normalizes the nervous and vascular sistemu.Gipertoniya, hypotension, problems with blood vessels, vascular spasm. You can eat lunch in the dried form, it is often added to rice. Fresh - in the morning, or dried in the morning in winter. Plum gives strength sosudam.Ishemiya (lack of blood flow) can be removed prunes (tie all four limbs). Generally prunes greatly improves cerebral blood circulation.


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