The power of thought. Swami Sivananda.

Of course, the people - it is not a creation of the environment or life circumstances. It can control and edit them using the skills, character, thoughts, good deeds and righteous effort (purusartha). Tivra- (intensive) purusartha can change destiny. That's why Vasishtha and Bhishma placed purusartha over fate. So, dear brothers, try! Defeat and enjoy nature in the eternal Satchidananda Atman.

Thoughts shape the physical body
The body with all its organs - is not nothing but a thought. Consciousness is centered on the body, it is converted into the body itself, and then becomes entangled in his nets and falls under his heel.
The physical body is actually a matrix created awareness for his own pleasure, for the application of its energy, and hence, to acquire life experience in a variety of experiences in the world thanks to the five means or channels of knowledge - five jnana indriyas (organs cognition and sensory perception). Indeed, our body is the embodiment of thought, mood, beliefs and emotions.
All the bodies are found only in the mind. Can a garden be without water?
That consciousness administers all cases, it is - the highest of all the bodies. As soon as our dense body is dissolved, consciousness very quickly adopts a new body to your liking. When the mind is paralyzed, the body shows no signs of intelligence.
Most of the world's way of thinking is largely under the control of the body. The consciousness of these people is at a fairly low level of development, they live mainly in annamaya-kosh (physical body). Develop buddhi (higher intelligence), or vidzhnyanamayya-mow (body of knowledge), and use it to manage Manomaya-koshey (consciousness).
The root of all evil lies in the mistaken idea that you - this is just your body. It is a profound mistake makes you identify with your body. You become attached to his body. Then, growing Mamata (feeling that everything - "my"). You identify with his wife, children, house, and so on. N. This identification gives rise to slavery, suffering and pain.
Thoughts of a man who speaks the truth and morally clean, always have great energy. Anyone who in the course of long practice, learned how to control anger, acquires enormous power of thought.
When the yogi whose mind has a powerful energy charge, says one word, it makes an indelible impression on the souls of others.
Such virtues as honesty, seriousness and hard work - these are the best sources of mental power. Purity leads to wisdom and immortality. Purity is of two kinds: internal, or mental, and external or physical.
Much more important is mental purity. Physical cleanliness is also needed. With the acquisition of an internal mental purity achieved vigor of mind, one-pointedness of mind, the conquest of Indra and readiness to realize the Higher "I».

The power of the human mind knows no bounds. The focus the human mind, the more power is concentrated at one point.
A person absorbed in worldly affairs, scattered rays of consciousness. Leakage of mental energy in all directions. In terms of concentration, these scattered rays should
put together, and it can be done in the course of the practice of concentration, then the mind should pay toward God.
Develop attention - and gain a good ability to concentrate. For the concentration necessary composure. Maintain composure. Always be in a good mood. Only then will you be able to concentrate. Be regular in the practice of concentration. Located in the same place in the same time at 4:00 am.
Celibacy, Pranayama, reduction of needs and activities, dispassion, silence, solitude, discipline feelings, Japa, the ability to control anger, cease reading novels, newspapers and trips to the cinema - all these aids


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