Scientific evidence of the extraordinary powers of yogis

Eighty four million nine hundred sixty nine thousand three hundred ninety seven

Swami Rama dispelled the myth of Western science about the restrictions
available in the human physiology,
when in 1970 under the supervision of scientists of the clinic of Menninger in Topeka (Kansas)
demonstrated that is able to control his autonomic nervous system,
— and this, according to the canons of physiology, people can not do.

Elmer E. and Alice M. green, and E. Dale Walter was informed that Swami Rama called
the gradual change in temperature of the two parts of the skin
on one hand, spaced about two inches apart.

The temperature change occurred in opposite directions (at a rate of about 4 degrees Fahrenheit per minute)
as long as the temperature difference of the skin not reached by approximately 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

One part of his palm had turned red from the heat,
and the other was ash-gray from the cold.

In another experiment, Swami Rama was raised by an effort of will heart rate from 70 to 300 beats per minute.
The heartbeat turned into a vibration,
where the heart has not pumped the blood of a normal rhythmic manner.
He also could stop a beating heart for at least 17 seconds.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati describes
in 1977, at the "Center for the study of the brain" /Kansas, USA/
conducted research and observations of brain yoga, Swami Rama,
while he was engaged in relaxation and gradually entered into a deeper state of consciousness.

"Scientific research was directed by Dr. Elmer green
and the vibrations of the currents of the brain recorded on electroencephalograph.
Subsequently, the world learned about scientific discovery.

Scientists have documented that one strong-willed effort entered alternately in the different States of consciousness:
when he fully relaxed his body,
he entered the state of yoga Nidra and the device has registered 70% of alpha waves over a period of 5 minutes of visualization of a blue sky with floating on it with rare clouds.

Then the yogi went into a state of dreams
who were followed for 5 minutes, predominantly theta waves for 75 %.
Later Swami RAM said,
that this condition was uncomfortable,
he called it "noisy and unpleasant".

He further added that he was able to eliminate his "moving the consciousness into the subconscious".
Here he gained experience of certain desires
in the contemplation of archetypal images,
who promptly tried to take his consciousness.

Finally, the Swami entered the state of deep sleep /unconscious/
and this was confirmed by vibration slow Delta waves.

However, his consciousness remained alert throughout the scientific experiment.
For example, he easily recalled the various events that took place in the science lab and associated with the experiment.

Or else, after the experiment, Swami RAM voiced questions
which one of the scientists asked the yogi in a period of increasing Delta waves.
The presence of Delta waves indicates deep sleep and
it would seem that yogi could not perceive these issues...

Scientists did not have so far to carry out such studies, when deep sleep could be combined with awareness of the present moment.
This clearly showed that scientists are faced with the Grand opening of the Turia, about which so persistently repeat the ancient texts of yoga,
as evidenced by the fact, not the Phenomenon of faith.

Scientists saw for themselves
that the nature of the superconscious is really includes all possible States of consciousness:
and wakefulness and superficial sleep and dream.

In other words, the simultaneous interaction of consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness is possible.
Thus, the maximum relaxation of all mental and physical processes in the body invariably leads to integration of consciousness as such, and to the enlightenment of the individual.

Essentially, people who have reached this state, NOT SLEEPING.
They know only a state of being
which always, no matter
sleep or wakefulness.

They are constantly in a state of Turiya in yoga Nidra.

It became clear that the so-called "universal mind" or consciousness can be gradually developed and strengthened through such efficient technologies,
like yoga Nidra and meditation.

So before a mysterious and impenetrable world of the unconscious losing ground,
which are now defined as the superconsciousness.

This gradual process of enlightenment of the individual and liberation from the yoke of the "mysterious" forces
called self-realization, kaival her Moksha or Samadhi."

Of course, the demonstration of such "miracles" is not a goal of yogis,
as a way to convey to the industrial society
(which itself doesn't know how it works wifi, cell phone or TV),
what we have laid down great power,
which we wasted on utter nonsense


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