New earthquake in Chile

Aftershocks do not stop in Chile on Saturday - some of which reached 6 points. At this time, seismologists do not involve serious consequences
- The epicenter of the earthquake was located at 35 meters depth, away from large cities. To date, the scale of the devastation caused by the earthquake on Saturday,
yet difficult to assess - according to preliminary data, killed 708 people. Thousands remain unaccounted for, a total of earthquake affected more than 2 million people.
In the city of Concepcion, 400 kilometers south of Santiago, curfew - the authorities fear that ruined settlements begin looting.
On the eve of the residents had already attacked some shops, trying to get food. Hardest-hit coastal cities - wave is completely washed away the city Dichato, severe destruction in Penco.
Seismologists believe that the last of underground tremors did not carry the danger - for the emergence of a significant earthquake tsunami need more than 8 points.


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