Terms of life from the worst woman in the world

Once Lizzie Velasquez found in my mailbox a link to a quick video, called "The scariest woman in the world." Video has collected more than 4 million views and thousands of comments - mostly nasty. The video was Lizzie - just 8 seconds.

"Lord, how she lives, with such a mug" - written by men. "Lizzie, kill yourself" - they advised. "How do I razvidet?».

Lizzie was born with an unusual syndrome - her body can not assimilate fats. In order not to die, she needs to eat every 15 minutes. Now her height - 152 cm, and weight of only 25 kg. She is blind in one eye. Her body is so fragile that any disease can be fatal for her.

When she was born, her parents were told that the girl was not able to walk, not talk. She's a freak, and never in my life will not achieve anything. "Better give up!". - Refused. Parents took Lizzie home and grow up as an ordinary child. In kindergarten, she realized that different from other children. But it was not a tragedy. She knew how to laugh, she was the ringleader, she participated actively in all children and holidays. Imagine Lizzie - as a cheerleader - at the apex of the pyramid :) With a smile from ear to ear.

Serious crisis came when Lizzie was 18. Then she got some video. To say that it was bad - then say nothing. She felt humiliated. She felt like a freak. First time in my life.

 - I had a choice - she says. Become happy or pasted and admit defeat. I chose the former. It's reasonable, right? Anyone want to be happy!

Lizzie promised myself 4 things: she graduated from college, write a book, become a motivational speaker and will lead a large family. Now Lizzie 24 years. She received a diploma, will soon be her third book, she speaks at conferences and seminars. Families yet. "But I'm still so young," - says Lizzie. And he smiles.

Lizzie - unique. In all senses. Some thoughts. From it.

With good people can be a real fi & nya. If there is something bad, it is easy to start self-flagellation: maybe it's my fault? I did something wrong. This punishment. And here and there! No need to prove to themselves and others that it is not your fault and excuses. Just accept the fact that sometimes there is something wrong. Unfairly? - Of course! S & it happens! - Nothing to be done.

Your worth is not measured by what people say and think about you around. When I got the video - says Lizzie, - besides the humiliation and sorrow, I experienced an attack of indignation. People who made the video and the ones that were left dirty and obscene comments, absolutely nothing about me know. What kind of person I am. That I can. What I feel. I - a good man. I know I can do a lot for other people. And looked at me with just one hand - in terms of my appearance, ignoring everything else.

Do not let anyone to hang a label on you. Who would not say about you, only you know what can and what it represents. Place the bar high and strive for it. Dogs bark, the caravan moves on.

It is useless to respond to aggression with aggression. When you hit, you want to strike back. But responding to evil with evil, you only increase the negative energy around you. It is unlikely that it will bring you happiness.

Your achievements will be your best response to offenders. Let the insults and hatred of those who does not love you, do not pull you to the bottom, and pushed forward. Prove that you are wrong in disbelieving. Let your accomplishments confounded those who laugh at you.

Difficulties and trials - a necessary condition for growth. Without testing, we never would have reached the apex or vertex. They help us to learn, change and become better.

Loving the family means a lot. Parents who believe their child, whatever it was doing a great job. They form in him self-reliance, the ability to cope with failures and move on.

Make disadvantages his weapon. My "ugliness" my illness makes me stronger. They help me to be convincing. Actually, they have become my trademark, my decals. People see me and believe me. A man with such a person knows what he is talking about :)

You should meet with his own demons. I thought I was going to die when she saw the movie. I was named the worst woman in the world. I cried for days. And then watched the video again. And more. I watched it for so long that it has ceased to torment me. I saw and heard the comments of ridicule, but was absolutely calm.

Always choose happiness. Do not hesitate!

Now Lizzie is working on a project to help people who are exposed to ridicule. Because it is not like the others. Lizzie, I'm with you! Well done!


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