Capsule matryoshka

Natasha Zinko - founder of the brand Natasha Zinko, a graduate of the prestigious Saint Martin's College has created a capsule for the popular London boutique Browns.

Natasha Zinko

The central image of the capsule - Russian nesting doll. Today it is one of the most recognizable and popular imagery, as anyone who has ever been in Russia, did not leave home without his "Russian beauty of wood." On the European expanses Russian fashionistas too often affectionately called "matryoshka".

Browns boutique with a new collection Natasha Zinko

Three different dolls, each of which is distinguished by a special character. Some dolls resemble familiar Moscow party it-girls. Vivid, memorable images in deliberate aesthetic glamor embodied on svitshotah oversize, pencil skirts with feminine Basques of thick cotton. Gray, white and black - the color palette debut capsule Natasha for Browns.


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