As we opened and then closed antikafe oriented people from the network

Raised St. Petersburg came in through the front, and Muscovites just climbed out of the window sup>

Hi! A long time ago I talked about antikafe "Chaypey" - as we were looking for a place, and generally considered the stream thoughtful approach to an open format. Chaypey a half years as closed but calls requesting to reserve a table for a birthday coming 2-3 times per day. Every day. Until now.

The main question is whether it is possible to earn a antikafe? Yes, you can, but it's extremely nemarzhinalny business, and, therefore, do not advise.

Is it possible to gather people to the new location, using only online channels without an offline? It is possible, and how. A brief history below.

Marketing h4> Originally wanted a clear differentiation. Someone chooses a way to "peace and quiet", someone doing exercise every night and so on. "Chaypey" became a place with board games. Here's the thing. I had a very strong feeling that in antikafe sooner or later begin to hang out very, shall we say, the insolvent person. The suspicion was based on the fact that:

  1. to sit in on antikafe "short check" to meet cheaper than usual.
  2. I saw no reason to sit a long time in the institution, if there is somewhere to go - such as your home. So will those who are not very good at home - or students (for whom this is a breath of freedom) or the leisured wobbly bohemia. Options, in fact, for all market participants were not very many :
  3. Focuses on small companies that just conveniently collected somewhere.
To catch people who are really not happy at home - and who are embarrassed to sit in a cafe for 4-5 hours. Focuses on freelancers (then antikafe, creative space and "fast" coworking more plainly not divided). Or hold events for which people will come. Naturally, I wanted to gather good people with whom it would be nice to just spend time. Therefore, the solution was quite simple - board games. Noisy and quiet, quiet and fast, for a huge company and for two.

First Hall sup>

In the second hall. The paintings, by the way, absolutely free gave one man. Sup>

Unlike the club board games, we had the opportunity to payback. Unlike cafe - was a clear excuse to look. Unlike other antikafe trying to cover all possible - just one reason to go. Clear and understandable, Employee selection criterion. Positive, nastolki.

It quickly became clear that we need to deal not so much a search for companies, and become something of IaaS for birthdays. When I prosёk this chip, then almost immediately gave the first context in Yandex and then aimed the media advertising Vkontakte to those who have a birthday tomorrow.

Business Model h4> I recall the main points for those who are reluctant to read first topic . Format antikafe only appears in Russia, at a time when we opened - there is a "Dial" and "Butterflies". Minutes worth an average of 1-2 rubles - in free tea, sweets and Wi-Fi. In general, such an interest club.

Many people just like to sit on the window sills

Remember, I wrote about sotsdokazatelstvo ? Here's another cool shape book reviews. Sup>

The financial aspect h4> The main costs:

Furniture and games. Rental premises. The salary of personnel. Consumables (sweets, milk, utensils). protection, garbage collection and other communal. Advertising and stuff.

We met with all suppliers: cookies and milk to go on an excursion to the factory, and the coffee-tea cooperating so far. Sup>

Very expenditure items created "white" design: We do everything from the mind, which ensured a bunch of financial difficulties. For example, at that time, almost no one had agreed antikafe sink (it's a special room with special ventilation requirements and sanitation) - dishes just washed in the nearest sink. From the point of view Rossanepidemnadzora - extremely unpleasant jamb. Similarly - Fire safety: many at her and did just scored "as is".

Again, at a time when the boom opening antikafe, almost no such institution was not normal panic button - so if something came and calmed immediately (yes, we have it never used, but the mere presence was important). There are restrictions and maximum filling the room - as a café with rooms more than 50 people without a second fire exit, I can not even imagine. But still the main gift of regulations was that you had to use disposable dishes - or look for a very expensive room with fitted sink.

In practice, this means that you need big enough both capital and operating expenses. Our margin compared to a margin of open «AS IS» antikafe in the hope that his first two years, no one will touch it, differed almost doubled. By the way, I must say, these hopes were not always justified - at least one of antikafe slapped a lawsuit, which immediately led to the closure.

Nikita painted Easter eggs: "A man will drop the card will climb under the table - and there is a robot! You just do not tell anyone! » Sup>

Neighbours h4> antikafe known problem at that time were constant quarrels with neighbors. For example, a special note in this regard, "Dial", which seems to be trying to survive with almost every point. On one of the sites every night for two weeks, the police arrive on call neighbors. We knew about the situation, immediately made three important progress horse:

contract with the owner, if that - problems with neighbors on it (so he always played for us). This is not handy. Hanged little sign "Club of educational games" to pensioners know that there is not internet obkolyutsya and entrances hodyut, as something useful and positive. Olya (head Chaypeya) immediately after opening called all the neighbors to visit, regaled with tea, showed everything inside. They liked it. I would have guessed.

Day - awesome quiet people with laptops in the evening - noisy merry company sup>

Who came h4> Please come to our friends. In St. Petersburg, we were few, but it turned. Then I sent out press releases, started to order advertising Vkontakte writing in different social networks. At some point, there were three main channels:

Those who we already had and came with friends - basic. People from contact Targeting for birthdays. People from social networks on a one-time paid placements (waves) and releases that journalists pereposchivali with enviable popularity.

Towards autumn we were completely clogged both halls. This here is the day when not enough chairs, window sills, and all the rest - some just walked through the halls. Sup>

With Habra come not very many people, but one day appeared on our doorstep two young men with a sign (we have it then was). "We noticed that you have no signs. Keep. Greetings from leprosy. " And left. It was insanely cool.

We began to appear the first regular visitors. Shaped profile: megadruzhelyubnye people who just like to play safely with us. And the second type of people, which we have earned - the company birthdays.

As I said, the calls were still two years despite the fact that the site was a phone drank almost immediately after closing, plus it was written in large letters that "Chaypeya" is no more. Absolutely. Here is a screen:

About the closing h4> At some point it became clear that this story might pay off, but it is very painful, difficult and with low profitability. Those forces could be spent on something useful and interesting. As a result, we just took the command "Chaypeya" and make her department Mosigry Event in St. Petersburg. After that, sales and recognition immediately went up, and I personally have cleared a lot of time on other projects.

This is our social kitten. Employee Masha found him near the club just fractured. Do not become open Chaypey morning, carried him to the hospital, x-rays of all the cat, she was advised to put to sleep to not suffer. Give the money to leave, collected more about 5000 through the social networks, the club helped found two cats donor - and that nameless-1 already threelegged healthy cat who lives at Oli behind the sofa. I>

As an experiment, and business education - it was magical. How "and let's repeat" - perhaps not, easier, faster and more profitable to open stores. But we now think of their regular venues such as last year's in Gorky Park and Winery - there experience permanent Eventov inside the cafe is very handy.

While you relax, our group of animators named Tom Sawyer prepares pavilion in Gorky Park. Sup>

Total: people from the network and are doing well, if you know what to do. Need a clever advertising, novelty effect and the right atmosphere to the place. For a year I was twenty asked whether to open their same - and so, it is a hobby and study, but no place is earnings. Unless of course you have to pay rent. Ultimately, paradoxically, in the ideal model antikafe model will resemble ordinary cafe - and the second one a lot more potential for development.



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