Touching photos of animals

Touching pictures of animals on the theme of maternal love and care.
Mother's Day in the wild

Trust me: in this delightful picture so tired pup sea otter lay down to rest on the mother's abdomen. Photo: TOM AND PAT LEESON / ARDEA / CATERS

Wolf mother tenderly licking their monthly puppy frolicking with him in the sun. Photo: M.WATSON / ARDEA / CATERS

This ringtailed lemurihu - inhabitant of the island of Madagascar - malyshnya took into circulation! Photo: JOHN DANIELS / ARDEA / CATERS

Elephants also celebrate Mother's Day: two giant droopy ears were photographed at the moment when they are gently pressed against each other in the National Park Amboseli (Amboseli), Kenya. Photo: FERRERO LABAT / ARDEA / CATERS

This cute fox celebrates her first Mother's Day, muzzle poking into her mother's nose. Photo: M.WATSON / ARDEA / CATERS

Rhinoceros calf kisses mum. This is a rare case of the manifestation of emotions in rhino: as a rule, they do not rush to express their feelings. Photo: JAGDEEP RAJPUT / ARDEA / CATERS

Mama orangutan smiles at the time when her naughty-cub tries to climb up to her head. You see - not only us, but also our "extended family" celebrate Mother's Day today! Photo: MANOJ SHAH / ARDEA / CATERS

Rare in the world family of tigers has decided to show off to the public just today, Mother's Day, exploring the outdoor enclosure at London Zoo. These cubs seven weeks of age, so taking care of them for a walk tigress mother Melatiah (Melati). For the first time to get out to stretch their legs, they seem to be in awe of their new playground. Photo: Brian Jordan / ZSL London Zoo / Rex Features



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