Kids and little animals

Small children feel better than adult animals. Toddlers understand animals and like to speak the same language, so the animals are so drawn to him. We will tell you the amazing story of friendship ten children with animals.

Photographer from New Jersey Robin Schwartz more than 10 years photographing his charming daughter Amelia in the company with a variety of animals. The result was two albums - "The World of Amelia" and "The relationship with the animals." Each album is shown next to the girl with wild animals, to which it seems, is like his brothers and sisters.

Baby and puppies

Photographer Cindy Clark of Pennsylvania took these pictures 3-month nephew embracing a 3-week French bulldogs. It was very cute.

Julian and Max

This is the story of a great love and friendship among 4-year-old boy, Julian, and a huge Newfoundland Max. They live on an island near Seattle, and grow together, exploring new places and enjoy a carefree childhood.

Raleigh and Fergus

11-year-old Raleigh Heger adores his miniature pig named Fergus. Fergus - one example of a growing trend where miniature versions of rural animals pets become new city dwellers.

Sick children and golden retrievers

Children who are engaged with dogs (known as Canis-therapy), gradually carry a positive attitude to them on their environment, the world in general, become more sociable, easier to go on contact. In short, these loving shaggy creation on all fours to help their young patients to make their lives and the lives of their loved ones is easier to instill in them a new quality, which they are deprived of the disease


Tippi Degré - modern Mowgli - was born in Africa, in a family of French wildlife photographers and spent his childhood is very unusual. The girl grew up in the African desert, setting an unusually close relationship with many wild animals.

Small Japanese and Bulldog

Japanese Aya Sakai of Tokyo has made a series of photographs, which show the everyday life of two best friends - her young son and their home bulldog.

Matteo and marmots

According to the parents of eight Matteo Walch, his communication with marmots began four years ago, when the family came to rest in the Alps, and the animals themselves surrounded the boy. They allow him to play with them, which is absolutely incredible for wild rodents cautious.

Alida and Mr. Gibbs

Little sick girl continues to live thanks to his best friend - a dog named Mr. Gibbs, who wears her oxygen tanks on his back. Mr. Gibbs is specially trained to help it 3-year-old Alida Nobloh that almost all the time is to breathe oxygen through a tube



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