What will happen to our teeth, if they do not clean

In fact, if you stop brushing your teeth, nothing will happen! What is the best toothpaste cleans the teeth from food debris and bacteria - myth. Most high-quality cleaning of the teeth occurs when we eat an apple or carrot. Breath brushing your teeth too, does not destroy. It does not appear from the fact that people do not brush your teeth, but for other reasons:

1) the smell can not be removed if there is a hole (hollow) in the teeth;

2) odor can go from an esophagus due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. In both cases, the toothpaste does not eliminate odor and deodorize it, i.e. scores at the time of its stronger flavor. Only the imagination can create a belief that a person was designed with a toothbrush. Dental health is directly related to the quality of food!

Zombie population toothbrushes successful, so began a new campaign today zombiruyut about stomach - do not eat properly, it is enough to take a pill, relieve symptoms, and everything will be fine! It will take a little time, and the bulk of the population will convince you: What do you mean! If you do not accept what is advertised on TV from heartburn, you have the stomach zagniёt and fall off! What to eat right, spend the time and money - drink a pill, otherwise you will be regarded as a pariah!


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