Russian political prisoner Boris Stomakhin: "Russian occupiers - out of the Crimea!"

< Appeal to the governments of the US and the EU

So, Moscow has taken a new act of aggression - this time against Ukraine. Taking advantage of the revolution in Kiev as a pretext, Moscow brazenly grabs Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Needless to say, the indigenous people of Crimea - Crimean Tatars - were evicted in 1944 in Uzbekistan, t. E. Subjected to genocide. The current Russian Federation as the legal successor to the USSR, for it is an offense full responsibility. Those who now by false "referendum" torn to join the Crimea to Russia, were settled there in the empty after the deportation of the Tatars of Crimea, Stalin in 1946, t. E. Are actually invaders. New Russian seizure of the Crimea will mean for the Crimean Tatars new genocide, similar to the one from 1994 is experienced by the Chechens in Chechnya.

Needless also that there can be no question of the legitimacy of any "referendum" held in the presence of the occupying Russian forces since the end of February 2014 are in the Crimea. All references Putinists on Kosovo example - this is pure deceit, lies and cynicism: no other empire tried '23 Kosovo away from Serbia in order to include in its membership. Now the real independence of Kosovo, and was not included in the Albanian or any other country.

What happened 16/03/14 and is happening now in the Crimea - is not the "independence" and "reunification with Russia." That there is only one name: the annexation prepared as direct agents of Moscow's hands - the so-called "parliament of Crimea" - and through direct military occupation.

Not bad to all pro-Moscow enthusiasts idiot on the peninsula to read "The Island of Crimea" Vasily Aksenov to know for sure than any end "of reunification with Russia." Suffice it to recall that in Russia since 2000, is actively exaggerated the abolition of existing national autonomous republics (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, etc.) And creating in their place enlarged provinces. That's the "broadest autonomy" waiting Crimea in this totalitarian police state! ..

Happy one: the civilized world at this time is not going to silently swallow another trick of the barbarians, as in 2008 swallowed their aggression against Georgia. Europe and the US are committed to not only introduce visa (almost useless!) But also economic sanctions against Moscow.

Yes, it will also affect the economy of the West, as mockingly shout Muscovites. Yes, it is necessary to tighten their belts, give up part of the usual abundance and comfort, a slightly lower standard of living - in order to defend the fundamental principles of freedom and human rights from Moscow barbarians striving to restore the Soviet Union, to capture everything what lay their greedy little hands, and ideally - to bend under him the whole of Europe, as they bequeathed their Stalin. West to sacrifice part of their economy and profits, so that by tough sanctions at least try to stop this plague, prushchego from the East. In order to save his life ...

Fully support the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeconomic sanctions against Moscow! Demand and insist that the Russian Federation should not only be excluded from the G8 and excommunicated from cooperation with NATO, but is excluded from the United Nations, as his time in the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations for its aggression against Finland. Worthless that the UN and a permanent member of the Security Council which are Moscow and Beijing totalitarian dictatorship cynically uchaschie whole world with the UN podium, how to live ...

But these measures, alas, is not enough. Moscow against Putin neototalitarnoy tyranny is high time to hold the same military operation, which was carried out against the Milosevic regime in Serbia, Hussein's Iraq and al-Gaddafi in Libya. Less, alas, is not enough. From Putin's torture chambers, where I only for their looks, I categorically demands: it's time to bomb Moscow!

For our freedom and yours.

Boris Stomakhin, a political prisoner.

18.03.2014, jail "Medvedkovo", Moscow.
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