Tymoshenko supported Putin: "No anti-terrorist operations"

At a time when the pastor asked the "compatriots" with a very good speech in the style of "we will not give an inch of his native land," Tymoshenko preached in Lugansk.

Julia has always distinguished the ability to become "his" in any "team". I remember back in 2005, she was hanging their billboards across the country, taking into account the region: in the Lviv region, for example, require (in?) To withdraw from the territory of the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine, and in the eastern regions hung traditional friendship fleets)))
So today, Ms. Tymoshenko, speaking "myself," and from the "party, which may change the Constitution" (ie, not her party now handful of top, not her boys run by the state), it has opposed the initiative and. o. President, Speaker of BP and security forces to hold stock.
No AO, said everything resolved peacefully.
Well, of course, a complete amnesty. Including Russian fighters who stabbed (firm handwriting) Ukrainian citizens.
And then, excuse me, or something I do not understand, or Julia - a fool.
Perhaps for its rating in the east and it is not bad, but it is there for the sake of the motherland sell rating
Apparently, in the hospital has seen enough movies, and learned - "time to bring - it does not betray, and anticipate┬╗.
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