More than a warrior

He entered the car, jingling medals that have left his jacket, even a small lumen. As soon as the white-haired hero stepped from the door, with the bench broke down several young and not so passengers. Grandfather did not sit. He stood in the motley crowd like a monument. And suddenly the two girls applauded.
They were supported by everyone who was there. Unexpected celebration continued to the next stop. Touched hero, left on the platform, held last train eyes wet with tears, and saluting, had a hand in quite neformennoy hat.
Just one stop - from "Kuznetsky Most" to "Pushkin" lasted scene. No one had to ask his grandfather ordenonosnogo no name or surname. Do not have time to ask and to those for which the country celebrated his feats so many awards. Was he a native Muscovite, or come from afar to meet with brother on the eve of the Victory Day. Nobody never knew.
And it is not so important. Spontaneous applause old soldier in the subway was very sincere. We had to see the faces of the passengers remaining in the car. All kakbudto kinder again and went on, smiling at each other as old friends, not paying attention to the minor inconvenience of the morning bustle. So thank my grandfather and for the victory, and this chance meeting.



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