The thought of death - the only thing that can temper our spirit.

Humility warrior and humility beggar - incredibly different things. Warrior to no one lowers his head, but at the same time, he does not allow anyone to lower his head to him. The beggar, on the other hand, falls to his knees and hat sweeping the floor before anyone considers himself above. But it also requires that those below him, broke the floor in front of him.

Self-confidence and self-confidence of a warrior ordinary man - two different things. The average person is looking for recognition in the eyes of others, calling it self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes, and calls this humility. The ordinary man clings to others, and the warrior rely only on themselves.

Assertiveness means that you know something for sure; the humility of a warrior - a perfection in his actions and feelings.

Too much concentration on itself creates a terrible fatigue. A man in such a position is deaf and blind to everything else. This strange fatigue prevented him look up and see the wonders that are in the set was around him. Therefore, apart from the problems he had nothing left.

Angry people consider their actions mean something important. It is imperative to get rid of this feeling. The actions of people may not be so important to take a back seat only vital alternative: our unchangeable meeting with infinity.

A sense of self-importance makes people hopeless: heavy, awkward and empty. To be a warrior is to be easy and flowing. A sense of self-importance - the main and most powerful of the enemies of man. His bite and hurt actions or abuse on the part of neighbors, and it makes him weak.

A sense of self-importance makes a person all his life to feel someone or something insulted. The average person is either a winner or a winner or loser, and according to this, it becomes persecutor or victim. These two conditions prevail at all, who does not see.

Vision dispels the illusion of victory, defeat, or suffering. When a warrior start to overcome doubts and fears, he thinks about his death. The thought of death - the only thing that can temper our spirit. A warrior must first know that his actions are useless, but he has to do them, as if he did not know about it. This is what shamans call controlled folly.

The average person is too anxious to love people, and in order to be loved. The warrior loves it. He loves all those who love him, and all he likes, but he uses his controlled folly to not worry about it. What is completely opposite to what the ordinary person. Love people and to be loved by them - it is not all that is available to man.

People usually do not realize that at any moment can throw your life out anything. Anytime. Instantly. The average person thinks that indulgirovat in doubt and hesitation - it is a sign of sensitivity and spirituality.

The truth is that the average person is very far from being sensitive. He did not deliberately deceive himself, but his little mind turns himself into a monster or a saint, but in fact it is too small for such a large shape, which fills a monster or a saint.

Our mind makes us forget that the description - it is only a description, and before you realize it, human beings themselves enclosed themselves in a vicious circle from which they rarely break out within their allotted lifetimes.

The average person used to realize just what it considers essential for himself. But a true warrior should be aware of everything and always. After a description of the world in a very beautiful and enlightened manner scientist at five o'clock he goes home to rest from his remarkable constructions.

Anyone who wants to follow the path of the warrior, must be free from passion to possess and cling to things.

Carlos Castaneda - The Wheel of Time


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