15 things you never say introverts

1. Your birthday we are not happy

Any introvert, who works in the office, experiencing confusion, when all quickly begin to fold for a gift to someone. Not because we feel sorry for the money, no. Just any casual employee, happily smiling and telling you that it is his feast, brings us into a state of stupor. It seems to us that he wants us to excessively enthusiastic reactions of enthusiasm and interest. Perhaps - oh, horror! - We even got him an invitation to the party with three hundred strangers. Well, let the hundred - this is an exaggeration, but that's how it seems introvert who most wants to go home. So, if you do not invite us, we will not be offended. We just sigh with relief.

2. Please forget about our birthday

Well the truth is, drive. We have a few close friends, whose congratulations to us quite enough. We do not want noisy celebrate and have fun. The best holiday for us - quiet, in a circle of carefully selected people. The world does not need to know anything about it.

3. We do not really listen to how you spend your weekends

If you do not belong to our circle of friends, we do not care how was your Saturday. We sincerely believe that everyone has the right to privacy, and if you spend your free time in a drunken stupor or vylamyvaya door of your ex, that's your business. We do not condemn - just chat with someone whom we do not know, it takes too much energy. Just because we work together does not mean that we really know each other.

4. We hate crowd

We are tired of large groups of people. We intoxicating variety of social types and groups. Some introverts are empathy, so they tend to be easily influenced by a foreign power. Sometimes it seems as if we "feel" everyone in the room, and from this we get an emotional overload.

5. We do not like corporate events

This is particularly difficult for introverts, who run the business. The need for teamwork makes us do things that put us off balance. Every word said at the time, listened to every point of view - it is a struggle for us. Even in business, we need to feel a connection with someone on a different level, to get the most out of corporate events. We need a lot of time to organize teamwork, or any event with a large number of participants, and to an introvert, and his colleagues feel comfortable.

6. We pretend that we like you

Yes, it's really nasty. We know very well who we like and who is not. This may be due to many reasons: from long-standing grievances of children failed to breakfast this morning. Do not take it personally. The trouble is that honesty, how much we appreciate it either, sometimes hurts. To survive, we must displace all these emotions and to be good, but it is much more difficult than to be true.

7. We can work

When we are alone, we spend time on the project activities, emails, drafts and drawings of plans to take over the world. We have a lot of ideas. We appreciate the solitude, because it allows us to experiment with the concepts and give free rein to the imagination. Everything is possible when we are alone, and that we are creating may one day change our lives - and your too.

8. We like written communication

We love e-mails, because it gives us the opportunity to obtain the necessary without personal contact. Live interaction knocks us off course, and we have to expend a lot of energy to get back on their wave. So please call us only when it is a matter of life and death.

9. We feel safe with "their" people

When our life is the "right" people, we are ready to give yourself completely to them. We become a true warrior, ready to fight for our loved ones. Just ask our friends. The company we desired color and shine. We need time to find the "right" people, but then we never give up on them.

10. We have friends who really love us

Introverts need others and others need introverts. Most of us do not have problems with communication. We, like everyone else, sometimes we go to bars and parties and meeting new people. The difference is that not everyone we meet, become our friends. We deliberately choose close friends and carefully working on the relationship.

11. We can temporarily pretend extrovert

We have to do it to survive. We can be a star party, organizers of major corporate events or chairmen of charities. We are doing so voluntarily, knowing that at the end of the day we will be able to go home. When we get there, sometimes we have to spend on recovery days and even weeks.

12. We are not shy, not coarse and not too nervous

At first it may seem that it is. But if you know us better, you will understand that we can laugh and you and waste time chattering with you for more than fifteen minutes. We just are not all. Sociability for us - it is an option, as standard it is not included. We can not play too well happiness or excitement, and you are likely to read it on our face.

13. We are well alone

In our minds there is a lot of things, and we do not need more. Unlike extroverts, we do not need other people to external stimulation. Life in the inner world quite suits us. We entertain ourselves creative projects and have a great time.

14. We hate small talk

We are thinkers, and we bring pleasure to talk about lofty ideas, theories and ideals. We rarely participate in small talk and do it reluctantly.

15. If we chose you, appreciate it

We value your time alone and very meticulously belong to those who are let in to life. Communication with the "wrong" person will squeeze us emotionally. We often attract extroverts who suck our energy and are looking for like-minded introverts. We appreciate the time spent with the other introverts, and have an excellent understanding of the boundaries of personal space each other.



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