Guard dog has adopted a two-week kitten

Pensioner from South Florida named Lorrie shared charming photos of your dog Lily, who looks after touching a small kitten. Lorrie said that Lily, who guarded her shop for many years after apprenticeship guard dog, walked with her to a wooded area next to the house when she heard a noise. "I heard a loud strange noise, as soon as we entered the park ... At the exit, I decided to investigate the noise, which was still pretty loud, thinking that it might be a wounded bird, - said the pensioner, who let his dog along. - She came back with a two-week kitten in his mouth. I almost fainted! ยป

Lorrie gave the command to put the kitten and the dog gently lowered it at the feet of the mistress. As the kitten was very small, the woman thought that she would have to keep animals away from each other. But she was wrong! "Much to my surprise, Lily took a kitten! It comes and calls me to a time when you need to feed a kitten and remains there to make sure I do it right, "- says Lorrie.
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