15 wonderful breeds of dogs, which we've never heard of

Dog - not only the most devoted friend of man, but also the first of his friends. We domesticated dogs before other animals, thousands of years ago, and during all this time were engaged in cultivation of species. It is not surprising that breeds on the planet - a huge set. On many of us have never heard of. < Website publishes a selection of cool exotic breeds.

1. Cirneco Etna

Sicilian Hound or Cirneco of Etna has not been officially recognized AKC breed until last year. This greyhound of Sicily is one of the few old dogs have undergone very little manipulation by man.

2. Lёvhen

Löwchen, lion dog, or lёvhen also one of the rarest dog in the world. only 65 individuals of this species have been reported in 1973.

3. Keeskhond

German Wolfspitz or Keeshond - dog with a great character, which is known for its obedience and agility. Weighing 15-19 kg are also well suited for the role of the family dog.

4. Ksoloittskuintli

Xoloitzcuintle, also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog. Its history is long and fascinating. It takes 3,500 years ago to the Aztecs and Mayans, who believed that such a breed to protect the house from evil spirits and intruders.

5. Harer

Clear, with a strong physique hunting dog. The house harer behaves very educated and patiently. He likes to play with the kids and walk with them.

6. Bergamasko

Bergamasco, Bergamo, or Shepherd - friendly and energetic, and has a super unique coat that helps retain heat. It's a great security guard for the house, and often for the whole farm.

7. Plott-haund

Although it is not widely recognized breed, but it is very popular in North Carolina. This is an active, very hardy and intelligent dog that loves people and attention.

8. Puli

Another breed of dog that has a wonderful coat that requires constant and careful maintenance. Bullets loyal, energetic and needs lots of exercise.

9. Otterhaund

The dog, which can be very vigorous in the street and absolutely quiet in the house. This hound has an exceptional sense of smell, which can track prey in the mud and water for more than 72 hours.

10. Dandy Dinmont-terer

Dandie Dinmont Terrier weighs 7 to 11 kg. Originally bred for hunting badgers and otters and foxes.

11. Breakfast valhund

Breakfast valhund or Visigoth Spitz - a rare breed that loves human attention and are very loyal to their owners. Also known for its playful character who likes to show in public.

12. Boseroon or French ovcharka

Boseroon - French herding breed that once guarded the sheep and cattle from wolves. Now is the perfect guard dog that scares even his appearance. Although excessive aggressiveness does not possess.

13. Clumber spaniel

Clumber Spaniel - tender and faithful dog, as well as the largest among all spaniels. They are happy to learn how to bring a ball, or carry a bag from the store. From the nature of great swims and is not afraid of water.

14. BriarVo the First World War, the Briard was used in the French Army as a sentry, messenger, and the dog, who was looking for the wounded soldiers.

15. SalyukiSalyuki or Persian greyhound - graceful and patient. Also known for its speed, it can reach speeds of up to 68, 8 km / h.

16. LeonbergerEsli you like big dog, the Leonberger is exactly suitable. Known as the gentle giant, he has a weight of 45 to 80 kg. He has a good, calm temperament, as well as the dog is not sensitive to noise.

17. ShipperkeOt nature curious Schipperke - a small, very energetic breed. Not everyone can curb her character, but in the right hands, this breed can excel in obedience competitions

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