Mackerel Run / Forward, mackerel, go ahead! [8/8]

name em>: 달려라 고등어 / Mackerel Run
Russian name em>: Next, mackerel, forward
Genre em>: comedy, romance
Number of episodes em>: 8
production em>: South Korea

< Plot
Dream Hong Cha Chan - to become a football star and marry the beauty of. It would seem that could be easier ... But the snag is that Hong Chang - an ordinary high school student, besides more and the poor. And the trouble he also attract a lover. Because of a "small" incident poor guy is not enough that kicked out of the football team, so now also headmistress is committed to throw him out of school. Although Hong Chang himself was not averse to shift out of it, while on the horizon it appeared ...

< Cast
Lee Min Ho - Cha Gong Chan
Moon Chae Won - Min Yoon Seo
Kwon Se In - Baek Hyun
Jung Yoon Jo - Yoon Sae Mi


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