The strangest profession

Specialist security coconut
Yes, in order to make the Virgin Islands a paradise like the safe, you must make some efforts. What kind? Well, for example, on time pick coconuts from palm trees, so that they could not land on the head of unsuspecting tourists who decided to rest in the shade of a palm tree. Specialist security circles hotels and private homes, tearing all the coconuts that can be dangerous. What is quite interesting work, we can not agree.

Specialist paint drying
Specialist paint drying

Specialist drying ink & quot; title = ¬ęspecialist drying paint
Specialist paint drying ¬Ľ& gt;
This particular profession provides for the need to monitor the drying time of the paint. Everything looks exactly like we see in the photo - a man holding a timer, and checks whether the paint has dried. Once the paint dries, it records the time of complete drying. Not that it was very much a fascinating profession, agree. Yes, and career somehow questionable.

Specialist sexing chickens

This is a fairly common occupations, in contrast to the previous two. Such a person every day separates the future from the future chickens cockerels. In the photo you can see everything perfectly - here we have to do everything by hand, yet not all of the processes on the farm can be automated. But the determination of the future sex - is a very important process that allows to separate the females that follow one farm by males, the next to another farm.

Shatterer eggs

Pretty strange profession that is necessary to separate the yolk from the protein. Yes, this is another process that machines are simply unable - only a person is able to correctly and efficiently break an egg and separate the yolk from the protein. In general, a strange profession, like all the others. It is surprising that we are now able to receive messages from people who are on the opposite side of the globe, thanks to technology, but the separation of protein from the yolk machine industry transcends.

Catcher mosquitoes

Moreover, such a person is not just a catch mosquitoes and waiting for those nasosutsya his blood, and only then draws mosquitoes special "komarososom." Why is this done? In order to gather as much information about how a person is infected with malaria, which helps to find more effective drugs to help recover from this dangerous disease. The average rate of garbage mosquitoes - 3,000 insects a day. Can you imagine how many bites have to endure.

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