Kremlin asks Ukraine did not give secrets missiles "Satan"

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In the Kremlin, came to their senses, that Ukraine holds the secrets of the most powerful Russian missiles "Satan". Prosyut not to give secrets to other countries.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has asked the Ukrainian leadership to distribute the production technology of weapons of mass destruction in the possession of the company "Pivdenmash».

Based on the rumors spread by the media, the Russian side is concerned about possible talks Ukrainian enterprises "Pivdenmash" (Dnepropetrovsk) with representatives of some of the sale of the production technology of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) heavy P-36M2 "Voivod" ("Satan»).

"In this connection we would like to note that Ukraine, as a member of the regime the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) and a signatory to the Hague Code of Conduct (PCC) to prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles poses a serious political commitment", - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Russian diplomats are asking the Ukrainian leadership to fully comply with obligations under the MTCR and the DKP and refrain from steps that undermine the existing non-proliferation regimes WMD and their means of delivery.

Help. Fourth generation missile system R-36M2 "Voivod" ("Satan") with a multipurpose heavy-lift rocket intercontinental 15A18M designed to defeat all kinds of targets protected by modern means of defense, in all conditions of combat use, including by repeated exposure to nuclear positioning area . Its application allows to implement a strategy guaranteed retaliation. As of May 2006 in the composition of the Strategic Missile Forces includes 74 silos with ICBM R-36M UTTKh and R-36M2, equipped with 10 warheads each.

Source: RIA "Novosti»
By the way, the title has a significant error. Development, ie design and manufacture of complex occurred in CB "Pivdenmash" for the USSR. Mass production was carried out there, too. And the fact that the complex is used Russian troops does not mean that this Russian complex.
In fact it is 100% Ukrainian complex.

Asking? +!)

Yes, we respect the law as well as the Russian Federation and the Budapest Memorandum.
Vova, greetings from builders missiles!
And the Launcher class "Sea Launch" and "Railway wagon" we just have.


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