assault on the North Pole. Alaska is sleeping peacefully

Russian paratroopers landed at the North Pole.

Russian Il-76 landed by parachute near the North Pole 50 officers and soldiers of the 98th Airborne Division from Ivanovo for training "evacuation and rescue operation" in the area of ​​drifting polar station "Borneo».

Nobody in the world has ever landed like combat landings on drifting ice such high latitudes. After the landing of paratroopers made, according to the Defense Ministry press service, "the transition many kilometers, overcoming great ridges and open water," to where "conventional scientific expedition in distress».

Polar station "Barneo" near the North Pole - an annual scientific and commercial project expeditionary center of the Russian Geographic Society. Since 2000, a month and a half, always in April, when it was over the polar night, the sun is shining, there is usually no wind, the temperature is above minus thirty and ice under the sun began to melt, is sought is suitable for landing An-74 ice floe where being moved a couple of helicopters a couple of bulldozers and other equipment.

Minimum price visit 15 500 euros per person per flight on the An-74 from Svalbard (2 hours 30 min.), Overnight stay in a heated tent in the ice camp and helicopter tour (40 min. On the Mi-8) to the North Pole, where you can call friends by satellite phone. Commemorative certificates are issued in the Polar Cafe Barneo. For an additional fee offered: parachuting, ballooning, ice diving, skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and any alcoholic beverages. You can walk and climb ridges. There courteous guides. In the season "Barneo" visit to two hundred tourists. There was, of course, Putin's grand pal - the Prince of Monaco. In May, the circus rolled up until next year.

Why are there now landed Airborne - the mind is difficult to understand. Drop parachute 50 soldiers for "evacuation and rescue operation 'utterly pointless - after all this crowd then have to somehow take out during the evacuation to" mainland "with" save ". For this rescue evacuation need helicopters or aircraft, several physicians and experienced explorers, not soldiers who are preparing to perform quite different tasks. Defense Ministry also stated that the paratroopers' conduct special tests expeditionary uniforms in extremely low temperatures. " But "Borneo" is now on Polar concepts of the resort - the official site, where you can now book and pay for the tour to be with Airborne, are advised to take warm clothes, but nothing that is not found in stores.

Nobody really never landed troops in the polar ice hummocks, evidently because military targets in the icy wilderness does not happen. That is, if the rules are some computer models of future climate, in 20-30 years in North Ocean floating ice will melt almost all summer, and in very high latitudes can extract oil and gas out there, maybe there is (or maybe and less). But there will be ice - and Airborne nowhere to jump, and needed a fleet and the Marines, for example. Until now the area of ​​the pole ridges, there is no production, and no problems Airborne, except in Polar Cafe Barneo enter, ask the price.

President Vladimir Putin have to prepare for the universal battle for the Arctic, which is already in 2016 should become the "leading strategic resource base of the Russian Federation." For this plan to expand in the Arctic group of troops, or even create a special Joint Strategic Command. In Canada, the fear that, taking the Crimea, Russian Now we turn to the pole, and the Airborne Troops will stand there in all white wall. But where in our Arctic and the open water production potential, Russia is already recognized by the United Nations exclusive territorial and economic rights, and where the ice and tie beneath the water - a serious tactical advantage only in polar bears.

Obviously, Airborne expedition to "Borneo" primarily an exercise in public relations - for the present Ministry of Defense it is very important. Yet, apparently, have to write off the money spent (or wasted) on hardy superspetsobmundirovanie which rot in warehouses rather than need. The real threats and conflicts are waiting for Airborne in the coming years in completely different climatic zones.

Pavel Felgenhauer
Explorer "New"


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