The journey to the North Pole

Traveler, scientist and director of the Arctic and Antarctic Museum Victor Boyarsky as a child loved the stories of Jack London, and now could easily pass for one of his heroes.

For several years Boyarsky - co-owner of a unique business. It helps tourists "conquer" the North Pole. In total on the top of the Earth, he had visited more than 60 times, going on winter 3-4 times per year, and better than anyone else knows many of the secrets of this unique place.

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 - Victor Ilyich, so what this place is - the North Pole?
 - Very interesting place! On the one hand, a point on the sea ice, around which a 360 degrees - South solid. Moreover, the pole is not static, but constantly moving and is determined only by the instrument. Time loses its significance here, the sun is shining, still, from March to September. If you live in one dimension with the entire planet.

 - You have a long time involved in the organization of tourist trips. Vozite tourists "to stand" at the North Pole. How are the expedition?
 - Now I make 3-4 year expedition with the people wanted to visit the North Pole. For many, it is still something magical. And then suddenly there is the opportunity to be in this place. Impressions, of course, is weight. There are ski expedition on the icebreaker. In April, the tourists arrive to us by plane. We organize ski trips for them - from 250 kilometers to 5-10 kilometers - to the North Pole. The most extreme trek can last more than 2 weeks, with all the charms of mandatory - overnight in tents and cooked breakfast on the Primus. And in the summer we remove the ice breaker. Still it is possible to jump with a parachute or go scuba diving. No fauna in the Arctic Ocean will not see, but the caves and grottoes under layers of ice - this is also something fantastic.

 - As newcomers from urban apartments feel among ice and snow?
 - A different, although in principle all of them have a hard time. When -35 is considered to be the most comfortable temperature, and then not be ashamed to cry. Can not get used to the cold finally, he beats a man to think or desire to go. But after all the trials people experience immense satisfaction. You proved to everyone and myself that you are not afraid of such difficulties. Rejoice like children! At the same time we was there a real camp: arrival by helicopter, warm tents, meals. So the question of the heroic survival in the wild is not necessary. I and 78-year-old grandmother to reach the pole.

 - By the way, men and women suffer the same hardships north?
 - It is understood that the Arctic and Antarctic is still not for women. I once thought so too, and now believe that they are much better adapted to such harsh conditions. In 1995, an expedition with us were two women - an American, and Japanese. So, they went the route is no worse, and in many ways even better than some of the young men.

 - Severe climate changes people? What qualities should a real polar explorer?
 - What kind of man was formed, so he comes back and. If he is good, he is and there will be good. If bad, then there is even worse. There are all on the brink. I believe a person should have accumulated some experience. It is even more important than technical skills, which is produced in a process. There's the wrong word or the price movement is very high, and sometimes more important to forgive someone that maybe you are in real life would not stand. Just there - the lot stronger. In general, the main thing that a person has a positive attitude towards people and the world around them.

 - Is it true that you can not catch a cold at the North Pole?
 - Ill colds there can not be - do not have the most pathogenic bacteria. So do not sneeze or cough. During the crossing of Antarctica in any weather, I quietly every morning wiping snow. The main thing - not too cold.

 - In addition to hypothermia, what other dangers await travelers at the North Pole? Polar bears are found?
 - There. If you are coming from the Western Arctic in Canada, they can pass through the pole. Predators are certainly dangerous, but, like all animals, attacking only when you see the available prey. Therefore it is necessary to take simple precautions. We used to take a dog, they were barking when the bear came to the camp, and we immediately out of their tents with guns got out. Beast immediately assess someone in front of him, and now it all depends on how you lead yourself. The main thing - no panic, no escape - it just provokes them. And the ice to break apart under their feet. And if the North Pole you can pull out of a crack, there is ice thickness of 2-3 meters, in Antarctica you can and die - at times can reach the depth of 3-4 kilometers. - You have the cost of this approach starts from 10,000 euros ... Surely, among the clients there are very wealthy people and celebrities?
 - There is. Come celebrate birthdays. For example, a famous tycoon and collector of Faberge eggs Viktor Vekselberg. It was Prince Albert of Monaco. In the future, the planned visit by the British Prince Harry. State Duma deputies regularly come.

 - Lately, a lot of talk about global warming, melting ice caps and flooding of individual states ...
 - The term "global warming" totally wrong. A determination of climate change. And if in the Arctic, Greenland and Alaska are melting ice in Antarctica is a decrease in temperature. Most Russian scientists believe, and I join them, it is not in any way a result of anthropogenic factor. That is, people and emissions got nothing to do with it. By the way, the minimum area of ​​drifting ice in the Arctic was recorded in 2007, and now it is growing again. Millions of years ago on the site of the Arctic Ocean was warm pool with a temperature above 15 degrees. I think nature will understand and everything will come to equilibrium.

 - Several years ago, I exaggerated theme of mining on the Arctic shelf. How realistic is this project?
 - On the shelf of the Arctic Ocean is concentrated about a quarter of the world's hydrocarbon reserves. In the Barents Sea Shtokman field explored the rich. This is our economic zone. But alone we do not realize. Too expensive, no partner is necessary. While all States have access to the Arctic, just trying to prove their right to these areas, as they say, to stake the future.

 - Let's go back to Antarctica. Previously, under the control of the Soviet Union it was in fact the entire eastern part of the continent.
 - Who of the eight stations we operate five. Mainly engaged in meteorology. Antarctica - the basis for determining the climate of the entire southern hemisphere. It is based on data that are received every three hours, built synoptic pattern. Any station with a biological gradient, geological, geophysical. There's watching aurora. On the famous station "Vostok" explore the unique lake. It was discovered in 1994. The thickness of the ice cap arched over the lake, about 4 kilometers, and the depth of the lake is 1,200 meters. And most surprisingly, the water temperature there reaches 18 degrees plus! We are working on drilling the ice cap, so that soon we can learn about the past of our planet is something completely new.



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