North Pole. How it was

Writes blogger and traveler Sergey Dolya:

North Pole - one of the most redkoposeschaemyh places on the planet, lose except Everest, but some caves.

Pole itself is no different from other areas of the Arctic Ocean. There's no signs or other markings. Four kilometers of depth covered two-meter layer of ice, which is drifting at a speed of 5 kilometers per day, so that the ice, which today has been on pole tomorrow drift away from him kilometers 5.

However, this place has a great symbolic meaning for humanity. A stay at the "top of the globe" sought by many travelers, and if such travel was previously associated with deprivation and frequent deaths in our time here can be comfortable enough to get on the ice breaker.

In extreme people always drink out on the ice and swimming, though the water temperature is -1, 1 degree ...

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Somewhere per kilometer to pole all spilled out onto the deck, wishing handed GPS, so that they could follow the approach to the pole:

I watched on iPads and phones:

Everyone was good, though all were tense, still icebreaker broke twice, and we had confidence that we will have time to reach the Pole:



And so! Finally! We reached 90 degrees latitude - the geographic North Pole:

Our captain Dmitry Lobusov - an amazing person and a real captain - smiles on the left. We hit the pole on the first try. Often have to break all the ice around before will be able to be fixed at the pole:

The head of the expedition is not offered a drink for the "conquest of the North Pole," but for "the world at our feetĀ»:




In addition to the flag "Bloggers against Garbage" I flag pole has brought our brand Denn, which we actively promote in Russia:

After that, all released on the ice:

Passengers stood in a circle, held hands and made a round trip around the North Pole:


Dmitry Lobusov a speech and congratulated all with the arrival to the North Pole:

And then the circle has closed, and everyone tried to touch a symbolic plaques:




All the different ways to behave at the pole. For example, Joseph lay, arms outstretched, almost all the time we were here:

And the first Algerian woman to get to the pole, all the way called someone on the phone

The team members were photographed against the backdrop of the icebreaker:

Or just fooling around with flags:

While all walked around the pole, I was allowed to climb the radio tower icebreaker. It looks like I'm one of the very few who was so high above the pole, except for helicopter pilots and parachutists 7:

For those who want to swim at the North Pole have established a special ladder:

All crawled out of the water is very happy:

And immediately drank vodka:

I do not drink vodka, so swimming is not useful:

Before releasing a person into the water, all tied rope to far sailed:


Although there were peppers, which had literally pull out of the power of water:

And this is my friend and companion Dima Cherkasov from Kiev:




The last on the ice were the guys from the FSB, protect us from polar bears:

At the poles, which in the North that the South, there is a rule: everything that is brought, it is necessary to take all. No debris at the pole no reserves, including tablets:


Well, one more look at the globe with a radio tower at my feet:



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