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< the single currency in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus could be "hit the jackpotĀ»

Moscow, April 10 - AiF-Moscow. The new single currency under the working title "Altyn" will appear in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus not later than 2025, according to MK citing high-ranking sources.

It is also reported that the decision informally endorsed by senior management of the three countries.

In addition, it is possible that the total financial space will join Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Tajikistan.

Eurasian supranational central bank and financial supervision will be located in Alma-Ata.

In May 2014 the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will sign an agreement on the establishment in 2015 of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC), which is already being presented by officials as a new formatted integration model is created on the basis of a single economic space, the newspaper notes.

Altyn, or a penny - a traditional denomination Russian monetary system. In the XV century the jackpot stood at 6 or 3 Moscow Novgorod money. According to historians, the name is derived from the Turkic numeral alty - six. In the monetary system of the Golden Horde Altyn - 6 coin money.

Information about Project Vyalikotamozhii passed through the ears, this information I want to highlight the following aspects:

1) Rashistskaya idea rutskagamira less than a year transformed and turned 360 degrees. From "slavyanskaga unity" to almost 75% of Asiatic. This is neither bad nor good. This is the reality;

2) Hit the stuffing all kinds of remote dates and deadlines projects is like "no later than 2025". This countermeasure Lubyanka in response to analyst forecasts and political scientists, in particular the fact that the Russian Federation on its last legs years, and, perhaps months of his political life. Presumably, the disintegration of the Russian Federation will take place in 2014 (Autumn) - 2017 (the beginning of) years. Best zabaltyvaniem topics, according to the Kremlin, are stuffing on plans for long-term prospect.

If the jackpot is approved by all members of barns, the need for the EAEC, aka TC aka CES, aka the CIS, who is also the Union of Belarus and Russia, also known as "Lyudmila Paniyad - thief on trust ..." - all clear. That is why such a buildup to the introduction of the currency? Rights was still a classic - history repeats itself as farce. In pursuance of Muscovites it looks very tragicomic.
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