VOVA! China is not the EU, they'll quickly lean

< From the humiliating position of a younger brother of China Russia saved the world's second nuclear arsenal

11.04.2014, 09:37
"Gazprom" may sign a contract on gas supplies to China in May. On Thursday, said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. He added that at the moment the agreement already reached with partners, but do not address the issue of the base price. Independent journalist Konstantin Eggert believes that China from gas contract win more Russian.
In the eyes of Russian power, China has long played the role of the main alternatives to the European Union. Because of the current deterioration of relations with the EU and the United States of networking in the field of energy becomes a political imperative for the Kremlin. Meanwhile, calculating the communist leaders in Beijing is well aware - new hasty attempts to close the gas deal the Russian leadership is taking not only and not so much for the sake of economic benefits, and to immediately be able to claim the West: "We can do without you!" And take advantage of this, the Chinese leadership will not fail . To start bargained lower his price.
Next may well be followed by other conditions. After all, China is now much stronger than Russia economically. Our growth is slightly more than one percent in China - seven and a half, and this figure is considered low. Russia's gross domestic product - $ 2 trillion, China - three and a half times more. And we have this figure depends on the export of hydrocarbons, and the Chinese - from the production of goods that use consumers around the world. The Chinese army has almost 2, 5 million military, our - about 800 thousand. With our eastern neighbor reservists can bring its armed forces up to 3, 5 million.
From the humiliating position of a younger brother of China Russia in the last 15 years, saving the world's second nuclear arsenal. To this can be added to the membership of the Western clubs like "eight", where the Chinese Communists are not allowed, and the close energy ties with the EU. Refocusing on China, which may signal the beginning of the gas deal will mean only one thing - Russia increased dependence on the country, the leadership and the people which no sympathy for us have never experienced and not experienced. My generation remembers the mini-war with China in 1969 because of the island Damanskii.
Ironically, today the Soviet propaganda cliche "Chinese hegemony" does not seem so far removed from reality. Powerful, arrogant, xenophobic China, besides considering a million square kilometers of our territory, their will never be an ally of Russia. Chinese can flatter those who called for the eyes "krugloglazymi barbarians" to use them to their advantage. But they will sell them if and when it would be beneficial to them. Who? Yes, the same America! Because of its market Chinese economy depends much stronger than from Moscow. By the way, I recall that on the Crimean issue Beijing to Moscow at the UN and not supported.

You can certainly start to learn Chinese language. But maybe it's better to learn the lessons of history?


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