Kin-Dza-Dza The most subtle and ironic

Fantastic comedy.
USSR, 1986, col., 135 min.

Director: Danelia.

Cast: Stanislav Lyubshin, Yevgeny Leonov, Yuri Yakovlev, Levan Gabriadze, Mashnaya Olga, Irina Shmelev, Leo Perfilov, Anatoly Sirenko, Danelia, Alexander Dorokhina Galina Jurkova Alexander Martynov, Valentin Marenkov, Rezo Hobua.

"Kin-Dza-Dza" - three times, "ku!»

Comedy George Danelia love everything. Probably because the movies of this director is very good. And yet, one is not like the other - if not the same wizard create them. A comedy "Kin-Dza-Dza" in this series, perhaps, the very clever and subtle, very sad and she quoted. "It's your word back?" "Rear does not happen!" - "Who are you?" - "Yellow pants! Twice "ku" Great actors. Utter the language spoken by the characters: "Guys, how could you not gravitsapu pepelats rolls out of the garage? Disorder ".

Danelia - "Conductor & quot;

On this picture, I can tell 2, 5 years - as much as I was shooting it. We shot in the Karakum Desert in the heat. And our pepelats was mistakenly sent to Vladivostok. And we waited six weeks. Initially planned to shoot a very complex mechanisms, but nothing worked. I have edited the picture, but still nothing to fly, and not crawling out of the ground did not get out. When the picture came out, we were approached by the Americans with a request for them to do such tricks. They are not that so do not know how, but they have all this insanely expensive.

The painting was very difficult. By 12 o'clock all somehow started fighting. Once I even quarreled with Leonov who shoot always for twenty years, and no conflict never was. A is in Karakums from twelve to two nobody is working at this time there are some radiation harmful to the nervous system. We went early in the morning - it was too far to go, shot up to 12, from 12 until half past one and half past one swore to night shot. The costumes were created on the fly improvised. For example, on Leonov - shoes from "The Legend of Till" sailor trousers, shirt with a nap, we painted, and then burned the hole. I found a very beautiful piece of some material and sewed it on the back pants. And the fact that on his head ... The pilots have given us written off flight suits and frame brace from the crotch of the pants - this is the headpiece Leonov. From the same costumes we pulled different springs and weighed them on the neck and head to the heroes. On our planet Plyuk all rusty. And in the Karakum Desert with it - a pleasure! There are working oil and throw unnecessary equipment. Next - a military airfield, and also all the thrown away. I really do not know that we have a picture of the towers, and that of the aircraft.

In this film acting debut took Levan Gabriadze - the son of a screenwriter. According to the scenario of his hero - Georgian boy - not carrying vinegar and chacha. They and alpha-instead hit the Earth because that enough excess and "slightly" missed. We have already taken off, and then just turned the famous campaign. Had much to change urgently. Departing whole episodes. Chacha replaced with vinegar, because for chacha at the time gave 5 years! .. As for the exotic language, then he comes up with is actually quite simple. Say - "pepelats." "Ashes" in Georgian - butterfly. "Patsaks" - this katso, and the boy, and katsap - all together. "Etsilopp" - a police officer, if you read the other way around. And with the main word "ku" suddenly developed complications. I sit, mounts, and suddenly I bring a newspaper, and there large bold print: "K. Chernenko. " And throughout the paper: "KU Chernenko KU Chernenko ... ..." What to do? Urgently needs to change! But, while I think what to replace "ku", has become nothing to fear ...

Yury Yakovlev - "patsaks»

I was in the hospital, and suddenly - a call from Daneliya. He asked when I get out. "And when do you want?" - "Now!" - "Well, go out tomorrow. What? "He said:" I really want you to shoot. " For me, it was so unexpected - Daneliya calls me to act! I'm not a star. And any suggestion of any directors for me is always a pleasure. We met Daneliya told this story. I agreed, although it was very difficult due to the theatrical employment, in order to withdraw from Daneliya in quite an unusual role for me with such partners - Leonov, Lyubshin! This for me was terribly interesting. Shootings were difficult - from Alma-Ata, we still rode for 300 kilometers in the desert. Now I'd probably have not agreed to this. But then this is not the bogeyman. Surname Daneliya fascinated me. And, of course, Gabriadze - writer.

I instantly fell in love! But all my enthusiasm, as Mayakovsky, "robbery of life." Filming proved difficult. Sands, sands, endless flights - three days flew, flew, then again for three days ... It is difficult for health and creativity. But Giechki (as everyone called Daneliya) I was ready for anything. Scenario corresponded every night. We came to the shooting, and Daneliya Gabriadze locked in a room and copied text. A text that we have already learned, was exactly the opposite to what they wrote for the night ... And yet - in Daneliya at this time there was a tragedy in his personal life. He was in prostration, shot very little. Were very sad shooting, although it was called a comedy. I had absolutely amazing partners. We became good friends. And in such circumstances, if not friends, you can not shoot. We leave at 6 am, while it was not hot - 20 degrees. Shoot up to 11-12. By the time the heat is reached to 60-70 degrees. We saved the humor, friendship, irony to the fact that we do and to what surrounds us. But the main thing for me in this work was primarily Daneliya - as a director, as a person. If he even invited me, I would love to give him. Just as a woman - to the end. He is a person, which is not enough!

Irina Szmielew - "tachanochnitsa»

When you read the script, "Kin-Dza-Dza", a lot of laughing. And then we went to Danel and composed role. I had a mind blowing, crazy garment sewn from different pieces of skin. I was trying on different versions of costumes, and when the interval between the two fitting I threw on some rag - just not to stand without clothes - Daneliya suddenly said, "That's it! And shalt be removed! "We drove for some dumps - literally! - Looking for something ... I still have before my eyes the picture: Daneliya stands on the coat and the most brutal way it separates from the sleeve to give it to another character. Black, beautiful coat, which he trampled underfoot to make it look like he needed ...

With Daneliya general was very interesting. In my head, he stuck the darkness all the springs, and all of it was not so. Wind terrible, and on my head a complete nightmare, but he did not have enough - lacking quite nightmarish spectacle, so I put on a spooky, unkempt wig. My hair just is not enough to tie them all the bolts and springs, which he needed. A Daneliya all missed my head, various bolts and all sorts of other nonsense to make me already complete disgrace! In fact, the one and only significant female role in the movie! And in what form it - flaky nose, lips chapped, and even in the mouth of the spring inserted! .. My "tachanka" was phenomenal unit, and took her, as expected, the rope. It was so interesting that I did not notice the heat. Yes, and a suit at me - cloth around the waist, something else on top, all of it from some of the pouch. But Leonov came up on the head to get on all sorts of things - that is not baked. Leonov has always sang endless song, on the principle of "what I see, what I sing." Something like: "I love my wife-at ... Because it is - good-and-th ..." We lived in a boarding house is perfect for any politbyurovtsev. Circle - a huge number of melons, the more I've never seen anything! A Leonov went hungry, came to me and asked: "What did you eat all the time? ..»

Vladimir Fedorov - "yellow pants»

I was there so little busy, I do not know what to talk about. Although in my episode to conclude the main idea of ​​the film. And the film itself is dear and close to me, and work in it I remember with pleasure. If I want to do something nice, you remember about "yellow pants." I even think, in our time devalued every high ranks. So maybe it makes sense to celebrate the achievements color pants? If I am, once wearing yellow pants, was marked not one pleasant conversation, then why not enter it into the system? I think that these "yellow pants" firmly enter into slang. And this, I believe, my little one, but a worthy contribution to the picture!

Some quotes:
UNCLE advance: Hello! We have our tourists, behind the group. Throw us to the town, and there we somehow have themselves ... translation.
Violinist Do you speak english?
EFE: Kuu?
 - UNCLE advance: None bukvochki, no «made in» ...
 - BI: Lyusenka, native, an infection, you have surrendered these pasta.
UNCLE advance: So-oo. So we know the Russian language. Why it took to hide?
BI: And we do not hide. It is very difficult to penetrate the language when in two languages ​​think.
EFE: And this patsaks always speaks in tongues, the continuation of which does not. Che staring, Maymunah verishvilo?
Violinist and Georgian They know ...
UNCLE advance: What did he say?
Violinist son monkey ass.
 - BI: Vladimir! You said if we dovezёm you, then you'll give everything. And you we stole himself a match! Patsaks patsaks not cheating, it's ugly, native ...
 - UNCLE advance: You can not jerk! Shows his gravitsapu. Branded thing - take.
EFE: patsaks! What I have here goosey contraband KC take witnesses when lifelong etsih him with nails? You have brains in your head or kyu?
 - EFE: Stop! Wait, I say! Who are you? I ask, who are you?
UNCLE advance: Alien-foreman.
EFE: None. You patsaks. And who are you?
Violinist I Georgians.
EFE: No, no, you're too patsaks. You patsaks you patsaks and he patsaks. And I chatlanin and they chatlians! So you put on the CAC and pepelats sit, clear?
 - BI: Vladimir, you have at home wife, son dvoeshnik for cooperative apartment is not paid, and you're here brains powder. End badly, native.

Violinist Sorry, but chatlians and patsaks - a nationality?
EFE: None.
Violinist biological factors?
EFE: None.
Violinist Individuals from other planets?
EFE: None.
VIOLINIST: And in what they differ from each other?
EFE: Are you color blind, Violinist - green color from orange to distinguish not you? Tourist ...
 - EFE: Yes, just a game. I'll chatla floor, you're on the ground - three matches. On the spit here.
VIOLINIST: Thank you, I do not want.
EFE: Well, you tell me one match, I'm three chatla, yellow pants, and that's a handicap. Come on!
Violinist No ...
EFE: Blue pants ...
Violinist Mr. EFE, I will not, under any circumstances.
EFE: rear floor? So what are you to me then brains powder Maymunah Verishen!
Violinist Mr. EFE! I am a representative of a civilized planet, and demand that you be traced for their vocabulary! In!
 - EFE: Violinist, instead of all the time thinking that you're the first Georgian cosmonaut, and that will give you the Nobel Prize, bring a spoon that you stole from the poor performers.
Violinist Nothing thought ... I wanted her to surrender Institute of Nonferrous Metals, suddenly something new ...
BI: Heaven! The sky has not seen such a shameful patsaks like you, Fiddler. I am deeply saddened.


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