END gas blackmail PUTIN: UKRAINE tear gas contracts with Russia and move on the reverse of the EU ...

< Minister: Ukraine tear gas contracts with Russia and move to the reverse of Europe. On "Gazprom" will be served in the Stockholm court
Yuriy Prodan

Kyiv, April 11 (New Region, Anna Sergeeva) - European lawyers are already preparing a lawsuit on behalf of Ukraine in the Stockholm court on "Gazprom" to break disadvantageous gas contract. Government Yatsenyuk intends to completely abandon the Russian gas and expects to get from Europe to 200 million. Cubic meters of gas per day.
This is from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, said Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan.

"As you know, Russia has brought Ukraine political price for gas. It is about 480 dollars per thousand cubic meters. Ukraine can not go to pay a political price and unprofitable, "- he said.
Prodan said that Ukraine is in talks with Europe on a reverse gas supply: "We are conducting intensive negotiations with the European Commission regarding the Reverse supply. From Poland we will get 20 million. Cubic meters of gas per day ».
According to the minister, difficult negotiations with Slovakia. In many ways, "the issue at the political level", which depends on the position of "Gazprom".
"We hope that Europe will help us in this matter. It may be 200 million. Cubic meters of gas per day. We continue to negotiate. April 15 I will be in Slovakia, "- said Prodan.
He also confirmed that the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine is preparing a lawsuit to the Stockholm court to challenge the current gas contract with "Gazprom».
"We have a thorough approach to the preparation of documents to review unfavorable conditions stipulated in the contract, 2009. We attract European lawyers who have already put forward the claim to the appropriate "Gazprom". Although there is not reached before the Stockholm court, and all disputes were resolved with "Gazprom" without trial "- reminded Prodan.


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