The island was on the side of all the trails. Neither sea nor air here nobody went and did not fly. It was a typical atoll, almost round, half a kilometer in diameter, bright green when viewed from above. Around him he was located coral reef prevents penetration into the inner lagoon sharks and other vermin. Plus, he is almost completely extinguished storm surge. It was quiet and peaceful place. Very nice and very remote from civilization.

Vova long dreamed buy an island. He put everything on the card. All my life, all the friends and relatives, all his work. the last ten years he lived and worked with this dream. Find an island, buy it and live there as a hermit for days about what not to think.

Five years ago, when the financial situation of his company was strong enough to be able to think about investments, he found in the catalogs of the atoll. The atoll was totally uninhabited and belonged to a small country with which there is hardly any relationship, and even its embassy in Moscow was not. A year Vova was looking for outlets to people who are able to arrange a deal.

At the very Volodya money to buy the island was not in the near future is not expected. And he did not want to wait. He knew that the three partners, and even if they get some working capital, the problem can become quite feasible. Vova decided.

The most difficult thing - to convince the two partners that can make this island a tourist mecca for the nouveau riche of satiety, which could no longer be surprised by anything. Here it was possible to build a bungalow, put wind power, bring in a refrigerator for a month's supply of food and throw thrill to fend for themselves. However, leaving him with a satellite phone, just in case a sudden shower will not stand alone, or something unexpected happens.

Since the deal Vova suit itself, none of his partners really do not know where this island is. Vova has issued a paper, and began to prepare the delivery of equipment to the island. Affiliates completely entrusted him this piece of business. And for good reason.

Further events unfolded rapidly. One partner suddenly arrested. The next day he hanged himself in his cell. Vova marked in a notebook "minus three thousand. Dollars." The second was at the peak of some strange fights with an unknown bandits and found him with several bullet holes, no signs of life. "Minus three thousand. Dollars." - Appeared Vova another entry.

Meanwhile, a small transport ship was loaded with boxes of dismantled bungalows, with a wind power plant, desalination plant, refrigerators, satellite TV set, Freeze-dried products, furniture, tools and everything, everything, everything that can still be needed for the solitary life. Particular attention is paid to communication Vova. On the frontman was bought by satellite phone. To him Vova bought five pieces and a couple of spare batteries chargers. The account was replenished to the maximum. Given that the call was going to Vova not more than once in two or three months, to agree with the supplier of products on the replenishment of stocks, it should be enough for many years ahead. And Vova took with him a diplomat cash. He prepared for anything. And in the morning warm spring day crew unloaded Vova on the atoll with all purchased goods and chattels.

... It's been three months. Vova was sitting on the sandy shore of the inner lagoon, and hugging her head wistfully looking somewhere ahead. He had long gathered bungalows, furniture, power and desalination plant. The farm functioned like clockwork. Everything was great. True food supplies and drinking is already coming to an end. And today, the unexpected happened. Fully charged, with cracks on the money account, novёhonky satellite phone refused to help him. What happened to him, Vova did not know and could not know, he was not an electronics engineer. It just does not turn on. That's all. Just.

Vova remembered how he kept secret the name and coordinates of the atoll from all friends. He also remembered how it all notified that he was going on a long, long-term business trip. He remembered the ten thousand dollars he paid the skipper of Transport, who brought him here, because the skipper promised to forever silent about the existence of the island and about who and when he brought here. Vova remembered everyone he threw for the sake of their dreams.

He leaned back, fell on the warm, white sand, staring at the sky and wept ...



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