Crazy idea! The man dropped everything and for $ 13,000 purchased a paradise on Earth ...

An adventure story about Robinson Crusoe - the man who has found harmony in solitude with nature inspired dozens of boys and girls in the small children's exploits. But Brendon Grimshaw immortal work of Daniel Defoe was the credo he miraculously brought to life. This laid-back man in the 40-year-old arrange their lives in the best tradition of adventure novels of the Lost Isles.

The Englishman Brendon Grimshaw worked all his life newspaper editor, when his head slammed crazy idea - he decided to throw a boring job and city life and to give up on a tiny uninhabited island in the Seychelles, a man who bought a 13 thousand dollars. On this island for 50 years, I never set no human foot ...


how to order modern English Robinson found himself on the Isle of Man, who became his constant kompanynom. However, this representative of Aboriginal name was not Friday, but Rene Laforten. At the Brandon Rene was able to revive this lost continent outback new life. Over 39 years on the island together they raised about 16 thousand trees. Unfortunately, in 2007 Laforten died, but with the same fuse Grimshaw continued to equip this abandoned piece of land.

A man knocked already 81, but in that time the island has attracted more than 200 new species of rare birds and more than 100 giant tortoises.

The rich are not just looking for profit offered the old man to sell his island, promising to pay him $ 50 million, but Brandon flatly refused such seemingly tempting offer: «I do not want this island has become a favorite place for vacation for the oligarchs . It is better to let it be a national park, which will be able to enjoy every ». I> In 2008, this is really a lost outback awarded the title of National Park. Now this place is visited by dozens of tourists who have the opportunity to not only enjoy the beauty of the island, but also to have a conversation with the owner. Today, this beautiful land with unspoiled nature can be called a paradise on Earth.

Sometimes want to drop everything and go on a deserted island ... This story proves once again that nothing is impossible. This man wanted to live in harmony with nature and realized his crazy dream. For these enthusiasts, like Brandon, should learn from each one of us! Tell romantichesskuyu this story in the tradition of adventure stories to your friends!

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