As I got to the police

... In general, the rate of the fourth oak epic of me has not grown, but the small size gorillku I quite like. "From the breast 110 kg worker", then behold, all things. Actually, I was once again on the street trying not to bother - the expression of the muzzle at me good, like a cross between an average orc with Ksenia Sobchak. Later I learned that it is not called a snout, and charisma - but it's not about that.

In Printers deaf school there - they are taught the correct fingering. And the underground textile workers, where nonche market and the dominance of capitalism, Terry, was a large area and it just stops. I then stood on it, deaf paltsevali, aunt dyadki what is, and the group of drunk teenagers, radically-minded. They started to tease the deaf. Those due to the fact that all are suffering from childhood to puberty are friendly and know how to fight - because in the end the three deaf started skillfully to distribute ten teenagers - a pleasure to watch!

Well it is clear: the women screaming, men separate from the climb - and is also included, and the entire stop in dvizhuha. Everyday life at the bus stop - who spat who already is, other crawl away. And once I'm like a poplar at Plyushchikha asshole no one touches me, well, I have one in return - that is, all in all fairness.

Ameche that adrenaline in such situations is produced in commercial quantities. This is because the body is insured in case it is necessary to drastically sebatsya or somebody there to throw over the fence, waving a shaft. The body, by and large, quite indifferent targeted use of its resources - most importantly, that he was a resource there.

And then ... I ... left behind ... for ruchenki - kaaaak pulls someone! I unconsciously, the adrenaline!) Right there where approximately mug humanoid - HOW ЁBNU!

Whistle to one side, the other cap. In short knock a policeman came.

Then I will not tell, because the police do not go on one, and I had such a merry story parnyaga not look.



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