Yevgeny Petrosyan got in trouble

Renowned actor Yevgeny Petrosyan got in trouble (a very real story) on Materials Information news feed "Capital of event."
 On Saturday night, Eugene Vaganovich riding his Yamaha snowmobile around p.Zhavoronki where his cottage. Attention actor has attracted a group of young people on a snowmobile, who staged an impromptu competition on the field, as well as jumping on trampolines.
Petrosyan, for many years carried away snowmobiling, could not resist the call of the young people at a sports match. In the course of the match Petrosian repeatedly masterly furnished snoukrosse young people and certainly was about to leave the company. But flushed thugs suddenly learned artist and showed an unexpected aggression accompanying this incomprehensible shouts of "hellish zhzhot Petrosyan", which, according to employees of the police department of Defense, at a certain course of business can be classified as Satanism.

Citizen Bodakin Alexander, according to Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Lapina of the police department of the Moscow region, who initiated the conflict, took a snowmobile at Petrossian and began deliberately to damage equipment, exceeding all imaginable ways to eskpluatatsii.
Eugene Vaganovich attempted to call the police, but Bodakin Alexander took away his mobile phone and, simultaneously showering insults and obscenities actor addressed his colleagues in the show "Full House", where the most correct expression were wishes "author kill yourself on the wall."
Mockery Petrosyan continued for several hours, for which the actor was forced to run for Kata villains on the field.

Later Petrosian managed to reach on foot through the woods to the house and call the police.
What a surprise it was the artist, when offenders are arrested unanimously told the police that not only the Petrosian gave them a snowmobile to rehabilitate his reputation and the reputation of the program "Full House", but also insults personally assembled company.
All detainees should be released for lack of evidence, and the Eugene Vaganovich confident that he will be able to restore justice in the courts.



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