10 best books that will teach you not to give up prematurely. Never give up!

Surrender - not our methods. As if you were not difficult now, I think that this situation will soon pass, like everything else in our lives takes place. The main thing - with dignity out of his predicament, with the minimum damage for themselves. If you are going through a crucial period, not be amiss to refer to the wisdom of others, enriched with diverse backgrounds. Of course, the writers - the same people, in every page they put feelings, write books like about himself, about his trials and experiences. Read the instructive stories that show you how to behave in heroic characters in difficult situations. They have a lot to learn! These stories will inspire you to be strong and resistant to any of life's troubles.

Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe»
"Life is unusual and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, a sailor from York, who lived 28 years in solitude on a deserted island off the coast of America, near the mouth of the Orinoco River, where he was thrown shipwreck during which the entire crew except him killed, setting out its the sudden release of the pirates; written by himself "- that sounds like a full title of this book. Classic, worth rereading every time there is a temptation to complain about life. In what situation was Robinson! And he showed some resilience. We all need to take his example.

Boris Polevoy "The Story of a Real Man»
Incredible humanism of this book is amazing. This story of a brave pilot with superhuman willpower is based on a true story, the character copied from a living person! This story proves that we - all under force. If you have not read this book, be sure to read. It will change your world.

Jodi Picoult "Angel for Sisters»
Anne only 13, but she had already suffered countless operations. She is healthy, but her sister - leukemia patients, and parents are willing to do anything to save her. Actually, Anna was born just to help her. But what would have been the fate of the heroine, if she was not tied to Kate? Anna decides to move that seemed to be difficult for most of us. Where it so much inner strength? This resource is in every man, the main thing - to learn to allow ourselves to be strong.

Jojo Moyes' One plus one »
In this light and touching story is not horror, global problems, morals, inspirational maxims. Just ordinary everyday life, fun, strange, complicated - in a word, is what it is. It has to fight all of us, even with little trouble. Jojo Moyes teaches that you need to start small, and only then - to take on big things.

Somerset Maugham, "Of Human Bondage»
Lame an orphan who seeks the meaning of life, will tell you a lot in this book. Faced with different people, the protagonist everyone knows what his morals. And does the inevitable conclusion - everyone has their own truth, and wins only one who goes ahead, no matter what. Only the strong spirit of the people are able to survive in this world full of passion.

John Green "Blame stars»
Teens suffering from serious illness, are not going to give up. They are still teenagers - poisonous, restless, explosive, rebellious, and still ready to hate and to love. Hazel and Augustus defy fate. They are not afraid of death, as ordinary jealousy, anger and misunderstanding. They are together. Now - together. But what lies ahead? The story of marginalized people, those who are looking for a place in this life.

Irving Stone's "Lust for Life»
Lively and bright biography of Vincent Van Gogh, written by Irving Stone, proves that genius - is not only a gift from above, but also a terrible curse. After all, talent is necessary not only to look his way, but, finding it, to show the wonders of perseverance, courage and endurance to get through all the difficulties to bring to an indifferent world their great ideas. to succeed not just be talented, with the talent should always follow the work. Remember that.

Vasily Grossman "Life and Fate»
This - "War and Peace" of the twentieth century, deafening book knocks down, true from the first page to the last. The one that will lead you through all the circles of hell and make war look at them, not closing his eyes for a second. And then it will show you the people - the living, true, just like you. And in this hell, they will continue to love, to dream, to hope and to fight for a better future. In troubled times obscure military action, this book is very good for reading.

Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego "White on Black»
When you feel that life is unfair and everything goes wrong, just open the book Gallego and stay a while in the world of his characters - people with disabilities. Their optimism and totally custom look at familiar things will be for you this medicine.

Ernest Hemingway "The Old Man and the Sea»
The old man Santiago - not just the Cuban fisherman. He's a philosopher. In the face of death, leaving him no idea who he is and where to move. Not to catch a fish - it is still necessary to swim to shore! Learn from this character perseverance, stubbornly defending what is valuable to you in life.

Be sure to remember about these books, when my heart is heavy. Such books can be reread many times. It teaches to cultivate the strongest hand, do not feel sorry for themselves when sick, and tempered like a real steel!

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