The explosion in Dnepropetrovsk

The two countries most exposed to terrorist attacks - the US and Russia.
The two countries with the most powerful military-industrial complex in the world - the United States and Russia.
Random coincidences do not happen. A huge military-industrial complex need to justify not only its existence but also forward-looking in comparison with other sectors, the pace of development. The terrorist threat - the most convenient excuse for such a case. For the unity of the nation, and we need a serious injection of hysteria enemy.
Ukraine to this company does not fit any side. The explosions in Dnepropetrovsk, if we ignore the moron single version (in that hard to believe), can pursue a single goal. After all, every action of this kind is bound to have a goal. Random coincidences do not happen.
And the purpose of this - the crackdown, restricting freedoms and gain more control over certain areas of life and work of individual citizens and businesses all under the same rancid sauce fight against terrorism. Well, of course, invest more in all the same MIC. And the rapid reaction force. That on the eve of elections in particular and on the situation in the country as a whole is very sad and is pushing to certain conclusions.
Links can distribute at least a dozen. The essence does not change. We want to drive into the stall.


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