The most outstanding schools

Who among us has not kosyachit? Admit it, everyone was. By the very fact can be approached in different ways, and the best thing is not to be soared on this subject. But there are schools really outstanding. Everest. Approximately:

1. The two submarines to detect submarines crashed into each other

The whole point of the submarine is that it is not visible. It is in order and is designed to quietly swim to the bottom of enemy ships. Therefore, the past few decades, technology for detecting submarines improved as rapidly as are the submarine - especially given that they are now stuffed more and nuclear weapons.
In February 2009, two submarines, equipped the latest developments for the detection of vessels - the British HMS Vanguard and France's Le Triomphant, plunged into the Atlantic Ocean. These computers, in theory, should have to honk every time there are other nearby submarine.
And "blindly" crashed into each other. Both boats were seriously damaged. Even if you do not take into account technology, ocean - very big. In order for the two ships on these expanses bump into each other - a lot of hard work. Add to this the three dimensions, as in this case, submarines, which can move at any depth, and we get a story that is so unlikely, and that almost impossible.

No, fortunately, was not injured, but do not forget that the boat was full of nuclear weapons and the whole thing could easily end in disaster on a planetary scale.

So how did this happen? The basic theory on this subject is this: both ships have such a powerful anti-detection equipment, it overrides detection techniques. So they complement each other and did not notice.
2.Sluzhba spending cuts when the US government releases the Las Vegas 800 thousand state-owned dollars

The US General Services Administration has an agency that in theory should serve as an example for all the other services and departments. The agency deals with minimizing the unnecessary spending, tirelessly making sure that the work of the executive power was stable, optimal and transparent.

In 2010, the organizers of the conference for officials responsible for state-owned savings means considered the most suitable place in Las Vegas. Swipe event shook 75 thousand dollars was spent on team building exercises, during which the participants were making bicycles and receive them ugly shirts. Several small parties for 5000, welcome to establish business relations of 31 thousand dollars and a lot of mysterious restaurant bills - for example, from sushi bars to 7 thousand dollars.

The conference bought bottled water at the 2782 dollar commemorative coins on 6325 dollars and yearbooks on 8130 dollars. And probably the most impressive item of expenditure was the breakfast - $ 44 per person. Everyday. For reference, in most American hotels free breakfast.

In general, the conference cost 822 thousand dollars or 2740 dollars per person for five days.

Not surprisingly, these figures are interested in the relevant bodies. During the investigation revealed other interesting details, such as:

To match venue and plan the conference, members of the General Services Administration made two "reconnaissance trip" five away games and "dress rehearsal." Five of these events were held in the hotel «M Resort Spa Casino» Las Vegas.

However, after the story hit the newspapers, the reputation of the agency was already unrecoverable, and most lavish of the organizers was unemployed.
3. The inventor of basketball lost out basketball coach

James Naismith invented basketball in 1891. And by 1898 the game has become so popular that she has had his own league. Naismith coached the University of Kansas. It would seem - who better to play inventor knows better how to play it. However, Naismith ended his career, when his team lost with a score of 55:60. Even worse - never this team did not have the results worse than Naismith. Throughout its long history.
4.Gruppa involved in the fight against piracy, stealing their music for advertising
Infomercial "Piracy - a crime" has been made of the Danish anti-piracy group Brein. This video was recorded on their license of DVD.

In 2006 the group Brein asked the composer named Melchior Ritveldt write music for the anti-piracy roller to speak at a local festival. He agreed, quickly coped with the task and received his fee.

A few years later I decided to Ritveldt who actually watched the movie rarely bought a disc with the movie Harry Potter and was shocked when I saw the advertisement Brein, still accompanied by its music. That is the music that he wrote for a single event, for which he received a mere pittance.

It turned out that the management has decided not to pay Brein Ritveldtu for the use of his music in advertising, which turned almost every DVD since it was written. That is, they took and robbed of the composer about 1, 2 million dollars. Enraged Ritveldt immediately contacted one of the leaders of the record company and board member Jochem Gerrits Brein. He agreed to help get money to Brein, but ... has requested for a third with the amount owed to the composer.

Ritveldt put down the phone went straight to court. As a result, Gerritsen had to leave the board of directors. Although Brein long protested, claiming that done correctly, it seems that Ritveldtu still be able to receive compensation.
5.Monument erected in honor of American producers was made in China
City of Toledo (Ohio; approx. has long been famous for its glass making. It is also called the Glass City. So sooner or later, I had to get up the question of the monument to the great glassmakers.

In 2006, the Museum of Art in the city decided to build a special glass pavilion. The construction of this majestic building was allocated 30 million dollars. All in order to perpetuate the skills and hard work of local glass craftsmen. And it would be nice if ... each and every piece of glass pavilion was brought from China.

That is to perpetuate tolidskih masters, they are given a job to the Chinese, and they gladly did everything, using a technique that is really developed in America.

Not that in Toledo not remain masters - they are, but a complex pavilion they could not draw. From a business perspective it is, maybe it is reasonable.

But the fact is as absurd. And symbolic.


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