The beauty of the underwater world. Part 3.

Dive site Blue Corner - one of the main attractions of the island of Palau, a small state in Micronesia, located in the two-hour flight to the south-east of the Philippines. In the area of ​​this site converges several ocean currents that bring with them a huge shoals of fish, and these schools, in turn, attract a large number of sharks - gray reef, Whitetip, silver and even a bull. Occupational like underwater life in one particular place in the world is not so much, and shipped to the Blue Corner divers can observe this unique variety.
Part 2.

Grey reef shark

Group of whitetip sharks

Eagle ray

Hunting grey reef sharks in school of jacks

Grey reef shark with piece of fishing equipment attached and whitetip shark in background

Napoleon wrasse with diver

Grey reef shark with diver


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