The beauty of the underwater world. Part 3.

Dive site Blue Corner - one of the main attractions of the island of Palau, a small state in Micronesia, located in the two-hour flight to the south-east of the Philippines. In the area of ​​this site converges several ocean currents that bring with them a huge shoals of fish, and these schools, in turn, attract a large number of sharks - gray reef, Whitetip, silver and even a bull. Occupational like underwater life in one particular place in the world is not so much, and shipped to the Blue Corner divers can observe this unique variety.
Part 2.

Grey reef shark

Group of whitetip sharks

Eagle ray

Hunting grey reef sharks in school of jacks

Grey reef shark with piece of fishing equipment attached and whitetip shark in background

Napoleon wrasse with diver

Grey reef shark with diver

School of jacks

Whitetip shark over reef

Grey reef shark

Spinner dolphins playing on surface

Grey reef shark

Ogasawara Archipelago - the most distant point in Japan in terms of time, where there is no airport, and the only way to get there - 25-30 hours sailing on the handsome ship Ogasawara Maru, which seats up to 1,200 people, and which run between Tokyo and Titi-jima times in Week. Ogasawara truly legendary place - in addition to the reputation of the official Japanese last paradise these islands has become known as the birthplace of many of the monsters from the world of serial film "Godzilla". It's amazing, but somehow this reputation was confirmed in real life - two years ago, the archipelago was the first time ever photographed a giant squid (giant squid) 12 meters in length, and a year later individual smaller - 8 meters in length - managed for the first time to catch live.

Humpback whale frolicking on the surface:

Moorish idols and diver on the reef:

Ogasawara-maru in the port of Titi-jima:

Longshanks, once this giant lobster Guarding two Whitetip sharks;)

A flock of big-eye trevalry:

Reserved beach at Minami-jima:

The young humpback whale:

Flock-rays Devils:

A flock of bat-fishes:

Sea turtle on the reef korallovymy Ogasawara:

Boats with divers coming to search for humpback whales:

"Lake sharks" at Minami-jima:

Family of fish-lizards:

Fish-stone - the most venomous fish in the world, yet - an expensive delicacy.

Devil Rays:


Portrait of spotted sea bass:

Small fish of unknown nationality;)

On board the Ogasawara Maru:

The giant lobster:

It's kind of an attempt to sum up the year 2006 with the help of thematic galleries - with the aim to give an e-mail the debts of their new and old diving buddy met in the last four trip. This is the first gallery - its name - Nitrogen Trip - a reference to the strange but exciting things that await adventurers under water, its theme - is a real mirage divers and who can meet on their way. Well, I hope it is clear what will be discussed - Enjoy! ;)

«Alien Lifeforms» - strange and not the creation of underwater met while diving in 2006.
Green Sea Turtle, Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Nudibranch, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Ornate Ghost Pipefish, Kapalai Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Frog Fish, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Manta Ray, Maldives:

Nudibranch, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Cuttlefish, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Green Ghost Pipefish, Kapalai Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Pufffish, Maldives:

Cuttlefish, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Nurse Shark, Maldives:

Devil Rays, Ogasawara archipelago, Japan:

Green Sea Turtle, Sipadan island, Malaysian Borneo:

Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Kapalai Island, Malaysian Borneo:

Blue Ribbon Eel, Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.


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