Top 5 Martial Arts, useful in the fight

If you do not feel too confident Woman seeing in the evening, and the last fight ended for you already eight seconds in this life, it's time to change something.

For example, stop pumping in the gym useless melee calf muscles, and do something more serious.

Just 6-18 months to learn how to fight for the forces of good to everyone. Here are five of the most effective systems of self-defense:

№5: Kyokushin Karate
Invented the most spectacular views of karate 60 years ago, the legendary Mas Oyama. It is said that he just got tired of looking like an ancient martial art degenerate and become less and less contact. As a result, in the 1960s, the brainchild of Oyama was referred to as the "Karate for the millions».

If you choose kyokushinkai, then after a year and a half is quite able to take the exam on the 6th kyu - Student "discharge" with a yellow belt. This means that with one or two fans "to light" in the alley you'll be able to understand and without lighters.

№4: Kickboxing

Legend has it that the term "kickboxing" was invented in the early 1970's Chuck Norris. Like it or not, but this fusion of boxing and martial arts became very popular throughout the world. No Danes, kyu and other tamesivari. Instead, the usual Slavic soul battle, where strikes were at full strength - arms and legs. In short, everything you need to if something happens to fend for themselves.

Of course, progress in kickboxing is much easier if you have passed the technical literacy campaign in boxing or taekwondo. But after a year and a half lessons "from scratch," you feel that something standing in the world.

№3: Jiu-jitsu

This veteran of the martial arts for over 400 years. But if you had the Samurai range of training to learn how to not only zalomat enemy, but also to quickly send to the light, today - it's just self-defense for everyone.

Unlike karate, jiu-jitsu focuses not on the punches and blocks, and creases, suffocation, painful holds and throws. No wonder the techniques of the system studied, even policemen Tsarist Russia in the early XX century. To learn jiu-jitsu for self-defense at a sufficient level, you have enough of 8-10 months.

№2: System Kadochnikova

The most "young" self-defense system was born in the restless mind head of the Laboratory of Krasnodar Alexei Kadochnikova Military School in 1983. Despite the fact that it engaged in the special forces, it is available for everyone - from teenagers to housewives.

The only negative: to find out how "it" works, it is necessary not only to have a good punch with both hands, how many know the physics, psychology and anatomy. Himself Kadochnikov not show methods and explain the physical laws or principles underlying them. So if you can find savvy in science instructor, after 7-8 months of training you'll puke black belts as a napkin.

№1: Krav Maga?

Unique School melee that "confession" in the Israeli army, police and special forces. It is not related to the competition, sparring, a medal and a philosophy. And so it is the most effective and useful in real life martial arts.

He developed Krav Maga in 1930 Imi Lichtenfeld, who decided to teach in such a way skinny Slovak Jews to fend off attacks brawny stormtroopers.

In this Israeli "struggle" everything is logical and well thought out. The emphasis is on countering armed attack. And every detail worked through the defense means at hand (from a pencil to a diplomat), and the group fight.

Important in Krav Maga - to understand the reflexes, both its own and the enemy. If you'll be mobilized, actually take a course and become invincible in just 6 months.


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