8 main beliefs of prominent bosses!

1. Business - is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

Active business chiefs see as a conflict between the companies, divisions and groups. They collected an impressive "forces" to defeat the "enemies" in the face of competitors and win the "territory", ie customers.
Outstanding bosses see the business as a symbiosis, where different companies collaborate to survive and thrive. They create a team that can be easily adapted to new markets and build partnerships with other companies, customers and even competitors.

2. The company - a community, not a machine.

Ordinary superiors perceive the company as a machine, in which employees play a role vintikov.Oni create rigid structures, establish strict rules, and then try to retain control of the resulting edifice, pulling levers and spinning wheel.
Outstanding bosses see bizneskak set of individual hopes and dreams, aimed at the general higher purpose. They inspire employees to devote themselves to the success of his teammates, and thus the entire company.

3. Manual - is a service, not control.

Active bosses want employees to do what they are told. They can not stand the initiative, so by all means build an environment ruled by the mentality of "wait, what will the boss."
Outstanding bosses define the general direction of movement and then take on the maintenance of staff resources that are necessary for success. They give the right decision subordinates that allows the team to develop their own rules, and intervene only in emergency situations.

4. Staff - is peers, and not children.

Ordinary superiors subordinates perceive kakinfantilnyh and immature creatures that under no circumstances can not be trusted and that certainly need to be kept in check.
Outstanding bosses treat every employee as though it is the most important person in the company.

5. Motivation creates a vision, not fear.

Ordinary chiefs believe that fear - of dismissal, ridicule, deprivation of privileges - is an important component of motivation. As a result - the staff and heads of departments numb and afraid to take risks.
Outstanding bosses help employees to see a better future and the way how to become a part of that future. As a result, employees work with more dedication, because they believe in the company's objectives, they really like their occupation and, of course, they know they will share with the company the award.

6. Changes bring growth, not pain.

Ordinary chiefs consider any change as additional challenges and threats, which should be solved only when the company is on the verge of collapse. They undermine subconsciously change until until it is too late.
Outstanding bosses believe change an integral part of life. They did not appreciate the change for the sake of change, but knows that success is possible only if the company's employees are using new ideas and new approaches to business.

7. The technology opens up new opportunities, not only serve as a tool of automation.

Active aging chiefs hold the opinion that the IT-technologies only need to increase the control and predictability. They establish a centralized software solutions that irritate people.
Outstanding bosses see in the way of developing technologies to work and improve employee relations.

8. Work should be fun, not to be drudgery.

Ordinary chiefs are convinced that the work - it is a necessary evil. They sincerely believe that employees hate the job, so unconsciously assign themselves the role of oppressor, and the employees - victim. Each behaves accordingly.
Outstanding bosses are considering work as something that should be enjoyable, so believe that the main task of the head - to put people to jobs where they are really happy.


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