The most interesting print ads from around the world

Today we introduce you to the most interesting, colorful and creative print ads, which appeared around the world in the past two weeks. More than 80 prints that deserve attention, out into the world in the second half of April and beginning of May.

Volkswagen: Parking Precision, 1

Volkswagen: Parking Precision, 2

Volkswagen: Parking Precision, 3

Baygon: Sink

Baygon: Pizza cutter

Baygon: Boiling water

Mitsubishi ASX Knee Airbags: Porcupine

Mitsubishi ASX Knee Airbags: Armor

Mitsubishi ASX Knee Airbags: Safe

Hard Rock Cafe: Rock histories, Marley

Hard Rock Cafe: Rock histories, Beatles

Hard Rock Cafe: Rock histories, Clapton

Volkswagen: Kiss + Mr T

Volkswagen R Brand: Ninja x Godzilla

Volkswagen R Brand: Eagle x Rock

Carex: Cut

Carex: Squeeze

Carex: Crush

Ford Edge: Rear view

Ford Explorer: Rear view

Ford Lobo: Rear view

Samsung Galaxy: Masai

Samsung Galaxy: Rajasthani

Samsung Galaxy: Sikh

Tramontina: Cow

Tramontina: Pork

Tramontina: Lamb

Stopache: Party

Stopache: Daughter

Fort: Cockroach

Fort: Mosquito

Fort: Fly

Johannesburg Zoo: Anti-Litter Campaign, Octopus

Johannesburg Zoo: Anti-Litter Campaign, Chameleon

Johannesburg Zoo: Anti-Litter Campaign, Frog

Actual Security Windows: Living room

Actual Security Windows: Bedroom

Playboy Tv: Office

Playboy Tv: Desktop

Playboy Tv: Home

RAC: Swimming

RAC: Parents

PETA: Bonnie-Jill Laflin

Land Rover: Arrow

Land Rover: Piranha

Land Rover: Rock climbing

Bonux: Maps, Jeans vs Dress

Bonux: Maps, Pyjamas vs Blouse

Bonux: Maps, Cardigan vs Shirt

South Cape: Goth

South Cape: Wedding Dress

South Cape: Princesses

AirWick: Bucket, 1

AirWick: Bucket, 2

SenseTeam: The best global brand design, 1

SenseTeam: The best global brand design, 2

SenseTeam: The best global brand design, 3

Energizer: Car

Energizer: Cow

DU Magazine: Louis Armstrong

DU Magazine: Dalai Lama

Canadian Dental Association: Magic Eye

Canadian Dental Association: Gum Disease

Canadian Dental Association: Oral Cancer

Stilgraf: Old Lady

Stilgraf: Park Bench

Stilgraf: Waiter

Ace: Avalanche

Ace: Shark

Florette: Lion

Florette: Crocodile

Florette: Vulture

Common Sort: 80's

Common Sort: Chest

Common Sort: Cigarette

Common Sort: Disco

Tramontina fish knives: Cut faster, eat fresher

Tulipan Condoms: Puppy sleeping

Tulipan Condoms: Puppies, Birthday

Tulipan Condoms: Puppies, Sand Castle

IKEA: Tetris

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