Myths about how to make your stomach flat

False judgments about what to do to make your stomach flat. Let's destroy all the false myths.

1. It is necessary to sit on a rigid diet and starve yourself.

The Internet sites are full of statements that strict dieting or fasting - is the only way to lose weight. Actually, fasting is not only inefficient but also dangerous for your overall health. It is a mistake to believe that the sharp reduction in caloric intake can lead to better and faster results. After fasting may lead to a slower metabolism and metabolic disorders that will only slow down the weight loss process. It is important not to starve yourself, and take healthy food in small portions at regular intervals. Sensible eating less may be the key to weight loss, but starvation - never.

2. Tablets and dietary supplements for weight loss

Yes, the use of diet pills may seem very tempting idea: you can supposedly not bother absolutely no sports exercises and diets, but only consume a lot of pills or supplements that will lead to weight loss. However, we must understand that there is no "magic pill". In fact, all of these funds more publicized strike on your budget than reduce stomach. Rather than use medications to burn calories better than exercise.

3. Low-fat and dietary products

There are many packaged foods, which are claimed by marketers as dietary or fat-free. But generally, such products can contain fast carbohydrates such as refined sugar. Their structure also includes artificial ingredients that are in fact absolutely necessary for slimming your body. It should be possible at all excluded from the diet foods, Processed, and stick to a diet helpful maloobrabotannyh natural products, such as cereals, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

4. Avoid carbohydrates

There are many erroneous statements that carbohydrates are unhealthy. But striking out carbohydrates completely from your diet is not necessary. It is important to understand the difference between harmful "fast" carbohydrates, and those contained in foods such as oatmeal, whole grain or brown rice. Slow carbohydrates - a source of nutrients, which are also long maintained a steady level of energy and helps maintain long time a feeling of fullness.

5. Belts for press, massagers, electrical stimulators, etc..

Do you really believe that all these electric cars is really wonderful destroy fat cells and remove them from the body? It is worth noting that in the commercial was shot slender sexy model, with taut belly, bulging muscles and limbs. Do you really think that this sexy flat tummy muscles and the rest of it "earned" sitting on the couch and using electrical gadgets while watching TV and chewing buns with poppy seeds? Of course not! People who starred in commercials for weight loss agents, such fit and sexy because they are - actors, athletes and models who forged his athletic figure tightened during tedious workouts in gyms.

So throw all diets, diet pills, nutritional supplements, massager and electrical stimulators and forth to the gym to engage in physical activity. As aptly said Maya Plesetskaya the secret of her slim figure - should eat less.

And then such a figure dreams really can come true.



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