6 tricks that will erase your belly to the ground in just 6 days!

Belly - problem area for many people. The fat that is deposited in this area, it is very difficult to burn, but what pleases me, - possible. In addition to being aesthetically sagged belly looks unattractive, it is also bad for health.

Plump belly can cause a number of diseases - for example, diabetes and heart problems. To look good and not to suffer from health problems, it is necessary to monitor their physical form.

If you have long dreamed of a slender, smart tummy, it's time to make my dream come true light. Do not worry - to substantially reduce the belly in just a week, do not have to do anything supernatural. Read these six recommendations, and make sure that the flat animals achievable goal!

Diet for a flat stomach Exclude from the diet of salt Stop salting food and stomach immediately begins to melt! Salt contributes to the swelling of the body, salty food - quite useful. It is better to eat salt occasionally and replace it with different spices and natural travami.Vspomni that beautiful belly does not like salty food, the next time you hand pulled salt salad. When to wean from future use salted food, feel the real taste of food and salt is no longer want.

Low-carb diet

Eat more protein and vegetables and try to eliminate from the diet of carbohydrates. At least for a week - you immediately feel the results. What you can eat: eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, lean meat, fish, vegetables, and occasionally - Brown ris.Kategoricheski impossible - potatoes, pasta, bread, in all its manifestations. Hold on a diet of just one week, you'll be able to notice a significant decrease in the volume of the stomach. But the brutal and hunger will not haunt you, protein-rich foods will give you enough energy for all and not very important cases.

No Milk

From dairy products leave the menu just cheese and cottage cheese, everything else - down. Lactose contained in milk, a specific product. It can be a lot of people to cause digestive problems. To the stomach is smaller, you have to negate all of the products that are bad for the gastrointestinal tract.

in just the right fruits

You can eat citrus fruits and berries, apples - occasionally. To get rid of the stomach, should be removed from all food sources of carbohydrates, even fructose, which is present in many fruits. So no bananas and pears have not. Oranges, grapefruit, kiwi - a great alternative!

Forget spicy food

Acute food promotes the release of gastric acid more than usual. In other words, it stimulates appetite. So leave the chili alone, you do not need it while dieting. Remember that it is important to eat in the complex if you are dismissive otneseshsya to at least one of these items - the result will be much worse.

you do not need preservatives

Alcohol, sugar, processed foods with different chemical additives - leave all these harmful products. Your stomach wants to be nice, do not bother him, stop self-harm and to take real food yad.Konservanty contain trans fats, which will be immediately on your stomach and sides. Alcohol - a very calorie product About sugar and speech can not be, replace it in the extreme case of honey, a very small number.

If you hold the power in this mode, only a week, the result will be very noticeable. For a nice flat stomach is not a sin to limit yourself in food so it is justified. In addition, food without salt, pepper, and preservatives - is very good for health.

If you add to the effective diet and more exercise, the result is brilliant. Believe in yourself, you will soon be able to enjoy your perfect belly, you need only a little effort!

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