Photo of the Day: Mom still hear the heartbeat of her dead son

Heather Clark, whose 7-month-old son died as a result of ill-treatment of a young man nurse, gave the baby's organs for transplantation. The mother could not hold back emotions, when again I heard the sound of her son's heart in the chest of 4-year-old girl rescued at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Heart Lucas saved the life of a small Jordan Dreyk.

Moreover, such a difficult decision - to give the authorities the son of transplantation for the needy - has saved the lives of three people

Jordan transplanted heart of Lucas, when she was only 18 months. Three years later, Heather was able to once again hear the sound of the heart of his son. It did not stop hugging and kissing the girl.

The girl gave Heather a teddy bear in a pink heart by clicking on that, you can hear the heartbeat.

During the meeting showed Heather Esther Jordan mom pictures son.

It is reported that Lucas died in 2013 as a result of ill-treatment of a young man hired a nanny. Still under investigation in the case.
Jordan was born with congenital heart disease, but the transplant saved her life.
Esther, my mother, Jordan, said that they became friends with Heather, one family.


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