This is not an exercise and not diet! Flat stomach through a single amazing technique ...

I have a friend whose press all jealous. How could manage to save so perfect stomach even after pregnancy? She never went in for sports professionally and skinny it's hard to call ... Once we started talking about it and I found a very interesting thing!

As it turned out, keep abdominal muscles in the tone of her friend helps surprisingly easy technique. All that is necessary for its implementation, - mirror


How to make a flat zhivotVse we know that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen need to download the press. Of course, this gives the result as long as you do sports and you sit on a diet. But if for some reason you do not have time to exercise regularly, stomach still looks bloated ...

To tummy was flat and fit, you need to understand: inadequate training alone, giving the load on the press. < Flat stomach - a reflection of right living

! We need to eat less salt, ideally - to give up salt altogether. It is very important to drink on an empty stomach at least 1 cup of water, it is better - 2 cups of water with lemon juice. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, cleaning the intestines.

Also, the internal muscles of the abdomen is necessary to train a simple way! Stand before a mirror and as much as possible Pull belly. Hold your breath and stay caught up with the stomach longer. Each time, coming up to the mirror, perform this exercise!

A friend told me that this technique has helped her to achieve an ideal flat stomach. All women like to look in the mirror and do it often. If tied to this habit slight movement to strengthen the abdominal muscles, you can achieve amazing results! < Thin waist is drawn in a month of daily retracting the abdomen several times.

It's not magic - it's all about, that the usual retraction of the abdomen is the intensity of the workout. Pulling the belly, you spend your massage internal organs , including the stomach and intestines: they begin to work properly, helping you lose weight in the stomach area. Muscles that receive a small but daily load, eventually form a wonderful news!

We share our secret with her friends! Try to do an experiment and try out this amazing technique. I do not doubt that the result will impress you!


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