Makeup with a rejuvenating effect! Upon learning this trick, I began to paint eyes completely different ...

Since many women are faced with the problem of the upper eyelid overhang over time. < eyelid ptosis can add its owner extra 5-8 years and give the face a sad expression. But is not that this is a problem, because it is easy to handle, knowing a few makeup tricks.

< «Website» today talk about anti-aging make-up , which will make your eyes large and expressive, and his eyes open.

Before you begin to make-up, Mark eyebrows, giving them a slightly curved shape. Do not get too carried away with tweezers - in fashion now the natural width of the eyebrows

Make-up for the impending century
To make up lasted for a long time and do not roll down, apply on all upper eyelid basic framework under the shade.. Use your fingertips to carefully Shade tool.

The shadows without nacre peach or light pink apply on the moving part of the century. Under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye glare Arrange white shadows.

beige shades Mark crease on the upper eyelid. Blend angled upwards towards the tip of the eyebrow.

The trick to help visually lift eyelids Bailiffs pencil to the eye, as shown in the photo. Shadows chocolate Mark corner of the eye.

Bright concealer (means that thicker foundation, helps hide minor imperfections) Bring the lower eyelid, emphasizing the border shadow. Blend tool.

On the lower eyelid Walk the darkest shade of brown shadows, they also put the emphasis in the outer corner of the eye.

Time to draw arrows. The main thing that the hand does not tremble! Brush lightly with brown shadows will pass through the dried-clockwise to soften the line.

The final stage of eye make-up - eyelashes. To view seemed more open, please use eyelash curlers Then apply 2 coats of mascara.

You can see the whole process of makeup in this video!

I always wanted to learn to paint as eyes makeup looks just magical! And further. Forget the pearlescent shadows (if you're not 16) - they emphasize all the irregularities and wrinkles on the skin. Use only matte natural shades.

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