I never tried so to paint eggs for Easter! The result - the best table decoration ...

It seems to me difficult to find someone who will treat with indifference so bright idea. We are used to dye eggs for Easter in the shell, and this tradition - a holy and indestructible symbol of the holiday. But if you want to cook outside the box Easter feast, better recipe than this, could not be found!

< Food colors , which are used for coloring eggs, completely harmless. Choose high-quality dye with a good shelf life and courage to work miracles in your own kitchen!

Colored yaytsaIngredienty
  • cooked hard-boiled eggs
  • food dyes of different colors
  • boiled water
  • spices and sauces for boiled eggs

    1. Dissolve food coloring. Take 3/4 Art. boiled water and add to it 1 drop of food coloring. Do it with every color.
    2. Cut the boiled eggs in half, take out the yolks.
    3. Place the halves of boiled proteins in solutions with food dyes, leave them there for 30 minutes. < Deliver brightly colored proteins, rinse them with cold water and wipe dry with towels. In each half of the yolks Put the stuffing. For this purpose it is possible to mix the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, sour cream and herbs, coriander, sautéed mushrooms ... Experiment!

      The process of making these attractive Easter eggs you see in the video below! This idea is like even my conservative parents, who all their lives were painted eggs for Easter exclusively onion skins.

      If you come in delight at the sight of the colored eggs, canapés, show the recipe to your friends! < Decorating Easter eggs - a special ritual. Sometimes the anticipation of the holiday is even better than themselves holidays. Pierce Easter mood, let you be a light to the soul!


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